So What If There's a Waxing & Shaving Doll!

Waxing Shaving DollHave you heard about the doll that's ruining your little girl's childhood with the threat of body hair removal? Yes, folks, it's true. Mattel is selling a doll whose back story includes waxing her eyebrows and shaving her legs.

And here's where I say as both a mother and a feminist: I don't really care. Because the Clawdeen Wolf doll that has the likes of Fox News warning of  the "shocking impact she could have on girls aged 6 and up" apparently haven't done much reading on the background of the Monster High doll line.


According to the product information on, Clawdeen Wolf is 15. And she's paired with a series of books by Lisi Harrison that are marketed as "young adult fiction." On Amazon, and probably at your local book store, Monster High is in the "teen" section.

Get that? Teens. Not little kids. Teens.

So this "shaving and waxing" that Clawdeen Wolf does is a far cry from 6-year-olds being forced to wax their eyebrows to meet some doll-created version of beauty, folks. In fact, it's pretty normal. Puberty hits most girls by 12 or 13. And puberty prompts increased hair growth in our tweens. And guess what follows in American society, where shaved legs and armpits are the norm? You guessed it. Shaving. And if not waxing eyebrows than plucking.

In fact, when presented with the horrors of a 5-year-old having her eyebrows waxed, CafeMoms were shocked, but admitted they'd let their teen daughter do it. Some even said they'd let a girl as young as 10 have it done if it was her request, others said 13. That's still two years younger than the age of this doll, and just hitting the age that the Monster High books are geared at.

Thinking back, I started shaving my legs when I started having to change for gym class -- which meant seventh grade. I was 11. I started plucking just a few years later (thanks again, Dad, for that unibrow -- it's been such a joy to live with). So as a mother, I find myself underwhelmed by the warnings that Mattel is trying to ruin my daughter's life.

In fact, for all the parents asking what is Mattel thinking, I have a question for you? What are you thinking buying a doll for a 6-year-old that is geared at a teenager? Her slutty costume alone should be a clear sign that this is a teen-scene only.

Do you have a problem with these dolls?


Image via Toys R Us

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