Teacher Jokes About Drowning Her Class, Nobody Laughs


FacebookIn another Facebook lesson for educators, a fifth grade teacher from Harlem is fighting for her job after allegedly posting an insensitive joke on her page. No one found it funny, and now Christine Rubino, a 15-year veteran of the school, is awaiting a hearing to learn her fate.

The "joke" in question came on the heels of the tragic drowning of a 12-year-old girl at a nearby beach. The next day, Rubino posted: "After today, I’m thinking the beach is a good trip for my class. I hate their guts." A Facebook friend then posted, "Wouldn’t you throw a life jacket to little Kwami?" Rubino's reply: "No, I wouldn’t for a million dollars."

Another "friend," who is a teacher at the school, copied the posts and took them to school officials.

It's one thing for a teacher to vent, but this is pretty harsh and insensitive. I think the most bothersome part of the post is her use of the word "hate." Clearly she wasn't planning to drown her class, but her anger toward the children is intense and concerning ... as are a few other details about the case.

While she first admitted that she did the posting "out of pure anger," she later changed her story and said that others had access to her Facebook account. A friend, who doesn't work for the school, later said she wrote the post, which sounds as shady as a forest.

If it had just been the remarks, I might have been able to see giving her the job back after sufficient punishment was handed down and she made the appropriate apologies. Everyone makes mistakes, and if she'd just said the same things over cocktails instead of writing them down on Facebook, no one would have blinked an eye.

It's the thought of a teacher lying about her actions and trying to cover her own ass that -- if proven true (she says it's a witch hunt based on past grievances) -- would make me want to call for her permanent dismissal more than anything else. Someone like that isn't someone who should be teaching our nation's children.

Do you think this teacher should lose her job over the "joke" she posted on Facebook?

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nonmember avatar Shelly

100%, yes! What a fool.

nonmember avatar Christine

Yes, she should lose her job! You should never joke about hurting anyone no matter who you are, but for a teacher to say that about her class? DISGUSTING!

Zamaria Zamaria

Yeah she should loose her job. I'm all for freedom of speech, don't get me wrong. But saying something like that is a sign of some serious issues.

jacob... jacobsproudmom

get real. she should not be fired for it. let her vent. everyone needs to rant and rave. obviously if she wrote a private blog it will still get leaked.

everyone is acting as if they have never lost their cool or said "i hate...."

MrsNe... MrsNewman

yeah, she should lose it. i wouldn't want my child in a class room all day with a person who hates children so much. maybe she should think about a career change if she is that stressed out.

bsawy... bsawyer84

Free speech. She should sue.

nonmember avatar Rwf

My question is: Why did the friend say'little Kwami'? Does she teach mostly African American friends and does she normally comment on her students of color? I'm not one to be overly sensitive but someone seems a bit racially biased. Note I didn't say raCIST.

night... night.magic

She should not be teaching children with such a hateful and malice spirit. I hope she gets fired.

Veron... VeronicaTex

Yet another teacher opening her mouth....This was not the smartest of actions, in my humble opinion of having been a teacher....

A real teacher will vent, then look for solutions...Although in March it is not so easy...It is so close to the end of the year-Kids are more than wild-They are BEYOND THE BEYOND.. Maybe she is not seeing the light in the tunnel yet...

But if she is feeling this, provided she keeps her job...I hope a fresh start in the fall will encourage her to look for better solutions and minimize her stress...If not, she should get out of teaching....It will be a favor to education, not to mention  to herself.

melan... melanniek

I vent to my friends, husband, and family all the time.  I have used the word hate in a variety of conversations pertaining to each of them.  Do I really hate them?  Of course not.  Would I vent the same way on Facebook?  HELL NO!  It's common sense, well to most of us.  I am not a preteen/teenager.  I don't need the attention/affermation of 150 of my closest "friends".  That is what morning coffee time with my sister or real friend is for.  If you don't want someone to find it, and pass judgement on it, DON'T PUT IT ON THE FRICKIN' COMPUTER!

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