Skippy Peanut Butter Recall Not Your Problem? Think Again Mom!

peanut butterAll across the land, the Skippy peanut butter recall has put parents in hysterics. For some there is the question: No PB&J? The easiest lunchbox staple ... gone? For the others, there's the question none of us really want to consider (but should): could this happen to me?

Oh, sure, it's just Skippy that's been recalled right now (oh yeah, and hazelnuts). But there are only two groups who can breathe a sigh of relief here: A. Moms who had enough time to get to the store for another, safer brand before the bus pulled up this morning and B. Moms whose kids aren't stuck on one sandwich, and one sandwich only.

But this isn't just a peanut butter problem. It could happen to any Mom at any time. All it takes is that ONE thing your kid demands in the lunchbox, and you'll be in those Skippy moms' seat. I know what I'm talking about. See, my kid is very particular about how her sandwiches are made.


We're not a Skippy family (phewww), opting for Smucker's organic natural creamy variety (hubs was raised in the South, he likes the "peanut flavor"). But the sandwich must be cut in triangles. It must have strawberry jelly -- never grape. And I shall never, ever do something insane like substitute the peanut butter for something crazy like cream cheese or the jelly for bananas. I mean, what would I be thinking, trying to spice up her life a tad bit there? Crazymomsayswhat?

And parents, my kid is not a freak! Well, not for that reason, anyway. She is but a pint-sized example of peculiarities the world over. I myself refused to eat anything but a bologna sandwich day in and day out through the entirety of kindergarten. It's no wonder I'm now a vegetarian. But I looking back, I like to think I was channeling Harriet M. Welsch (you may know her as Harriet the Spy?), the ultimate in kiddie lit characters who would spend every day demanding a tomato sandwich for lunch. Every. Single. Day.

Some kids want a juice box every day. And some kids refuse to have crusts on the sandwiches. And some kids won't touch a piece of broccoli with a 10-foot pole, but if it wasn't for cauliflower, they'd never have another veggie again. They've all got something.

So parents, go ahead. Do a little skipping around the house, relieved you're not "Skippy people." Feel superior. But your day is coming!

What's the one food your kid would live on if he/she could?


Image via [N]Duran/Flickr

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