The REAL Greatest Toys List (Without Skipping the Good Ones)

toy boxAnytime someone promises the "all-time greatest 100" anything, you know they're going to make some enemies. As it stands, TIME's reporter did the best she could with the greatest toys of all time. She mentioned my favorite wagon (Radio Flyer), my favorite mess maker (finger paint), and my favorite stuffed animal (sock monkey).

She managed to go both general and specific, highlighting great toy brands and some creations that are good in all their market varieties. But TIME had to know when the title is aimed that high, someone was going to come a-whining. So here I am! Don't take it personally. I know you could only fit in 100. But some of the toy choices are just plain odd.


The Flatsy doll, for example, comes from the 1960s ... explaining perhaps why not one person I've asked remembers it. And I've asked a lot of people of different ages. And the Plarail Toy Train? I never heard of it personally (although others had), but my real beef is that it seems a strange choice over, say, the classic Lionel. Not to mention the Bratz dolls, who get their spot on the list, are equal parts slutty and creepy (you remove their feet to change their shoes for crying out loud!).

So in case TIME is thinking of a little adjusting, here at The Stir, we thought we'd give them a crash course in classic toys that we'll never forget that they can add to their list:

1. Candy Land

2. Big Wheel

3. Swingset

4. Atari

5. Micro Machines

6. Strawberry Shortcake

7. Twiddly sticks

8. Breyer horses

9. Trouble

10. Fisher Price record player

11. Spirograph

12. Rainbow-Brite

13. Twister

14. Sit n Spin

15. Battleship

16. Crayons

17. Scooter

18. Ping pong

19. Skateboard

20. Paper dolls

21. Roller skates

22. Lionel trains

23. Foosball table

24. Bicycle

25. Tinker toys

26. Lincoln logs

27. Kite

28. The stick

29. The cardboard box

30. The rocking horse

31. Erector set

32. Teddy bear

33. Jacks

34. Marbles

35. Alphabet Blocks

36. Deck of cards

37. Nintendo

38. The Game of Life

39. Ouija Board

40. Jigsaw puzzle

41. Jump rope

42. Hess trucks

43. Wind-ups

OK, we KNOW we missed stuff here. So help us out. What else belongs on the best toy list of all time?


Image via meddygarnet/Flickr

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