7-Year-Old Boy Does Burlesque; Outperforms Christina Aguilera (VIDEO)


The video pretty much speaks — no, screams — for itself. In this culture of super duper political correctness doused with a heavy blend of anything goes, it’s getting easier and easier to be outraged for a moment, shake our heads, share it on social media, then lie in wait for the next spectacle. But this 7-year-old Asian boy doing burlesque to a Christina Aguilera song is downright stomach churning.

See for yourself ...

First of all, no child has any business doing a chair dance. Period. I’m a grown woman and I often feel (and look) awkward as hell trying to pull one off, ergo a second-grader should never, ever have the coordination to outdo me at this tender age. The sexually suggestive gesticulations, down to the erotic mouthing of the lyrics, is enough to make any mama’s knees buckle. In fact, any adult — with kids, without kids, doesn’t even like kids — should be asking one simple question:

Where are his parents? And what are they thinking? 

Because this ain’t cute. Or safe. This otherwise adorable little boy has poured himself into a sequined dress (and exactly where does a little boy get a sequined dress in the first place, with hand prints across the chest, no less?) and shared it for the public — and pedophiles — to view. And he's apparently a YouTube sensation with other videos of similar scariness.

Somebody is almost bound to retort that this is nothing more than harmless creative expression. I can almost sense their fingers poised and triggered on the keyboard now. But to that I say this: creative expression for a child should not border on seductive kiddie porn, and this kid right here is guaranteed to be uploaded into some sicko’s fantasy collection. 

If he’s gay, fine. Let him embrace his gayness and, even more importantly, his keen knowledge of self at an age when a lot of kids can barely decide what flavor ice cream is their favorite. But being gay has nothing to do with this brand of over-sexualized behavior that, a few years down the line, can only be the main ingredient to a recipe of disaster.

When does innocent fun cross the line into child exploitation?

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1. Who is filming this child?

2. I'm all for dress up, but why does he have access to hoochie wear?

Totally inappropriate IMO.

Hilary MacNeal

No child should be dancing like that, male or female.  I have no issues with little boys wearing dresses - my son can dress up as Cinderella if he wants for all I care.  Nor do I have issues with men in drag impersonating women and performing sexually suggestive dances.  But a child?  That`s wrong. 


ummmm. I am totally speechless.

kelli... kelli0585

Sick.  There's no excuse.  None.  Gay, straight, whatever. 

I am a huge gay rights advocate.  But if I think hard enough about it, I even cringe at calling him "gay," because that implies that he has a sexual orientation.  No seven year old should have a sexual orientation!  I don't go around identifying my young son a heterosexual.  He's a boy.  If he wanted to be called a girl. . .fine.  She's a girl. 

If he wants to identify himself as female, that's wonderful.  How great to have a support system where this child feels no shame and is more than comfortable enough to express that.  But keep to leggings and tutus.  And dance to Willow Smith.

Brea85 Brea85

OMG! That is wrong!

zoiezmom zoiezmom

This is SOO wrong!

Bree1984 Bree1984

I can't see the video on my phone, but judging from the reactions and the description I'll have to agree with you. The over-sexualizing of children because it's "cute" is disgusting and it happens too often.

Nicolle Boren

I am all for "creative expression" but this definitely crosses the line. Maybe not that he is doing it, but definitely that it is being filmed and put out there for the world to see. I can't say I think that this form of expression is the most productive for a child of this age... how about a dance class at the local studio? Or signing him up for theater classes if he wants the attention? But this type of "expression" being pushed out into the internet for any sicko with a computer to "perv" on is just wrong. I love dance, and think it's very constructive, but the seductiveness level is as wrong with this little boy as it was with the little pagent girl wearing a cone-boobed madonna outfit for her performance. It's just WAY too much, WAY too soon!

Ashley Post

It's not him dressing up like a girl that bothers me. That doesn't. It's how sexual this dance and song is. Why is a parent letting their 7 year old do this? Why did a 7 year old SEE Burlesque? That I don't get.

Megan Wilson

its prob his dad filming cuz hes a pervert but mom found it and thought it was cute. people are too damn stupid these days

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