Ultimate Sanctimommy Exposes Breasts to Prove a Point

A mom in Florida, who was offended by the amount of cleavage a school visitor was showing in her son's school, exposed much more than just the other woman's transgression when she reached in her blouse and pulled out her own breasts to prove a point. She claims the incident never happened. 

Laura Campanello, 43, was leaving a meeting with her 17-year-old son’s guidance counselor when she saw a woman she thought was wearing too revealing an outfit. She complained and told the woman to cover up. This resulted in a fight (duh). Cops were called and to prove a point, Campanello exposed her own breasts. The Smoking Gun says: "According to a Manatee County Sheriff Office affidavit, Deputy Greg Jenkins, the school’s resource officer, arrived on the scene and advised Campanello that the other woman 'was an adult and that I could not tell this lady how to dress.'"

Can anyone say INSANE?


The poor, poor teenager who has this hot mess for a mom. Honestly, why on Earth would this woman think she has the right to tell another woman how to dress? I have never and will never understand people who are so smug in their own behavior that they feel they have the right to tell others how to live their lives.

If this woman wanted to wear a low-cut top, then more power to her. Campanello was sent to jail for disorderly conduct. After posting $220 cash bond, she was freed the next morning, but the shame her poor son will have to endure lives on, I'm sure. That is certainly beyond insane behavior and he will likely be mocked by his peers as the boy with the psycho mother who flashed the school.

What could she possibly have been thinking? The irony, of course, is that in her rush to prove she was the better woman whose morals and clothing choices were so superior, she only proved that she was a nutjob. But as funny as this story is, her poor son is the one who has to deal with the repercussions. Hopefully he's a well-adjusted boy and will be able to brush off any ribbing, but if he's not, he is going to have a hard finish to high school.

What do you think of this story?

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