Child Rapist Caught on Film (VIDEO)


Parents in Manatee County, Florida are being asked to be vigilant about a child sexual predator who is on the loose. He has already attempted assault on two girls and sexually assaulted a third. All three victims were between 12 and 15 years old.

Of course, any parents living in the area probably don't need any reminder after the attacks, which started in late November, resumed on January 31. The last attempt was even caught on film. 

All the attacks happened during the daytime and the authorities have released surveillance footage of the attacker but have not yet been able to identify him. The footage is below:

Watching the short video is terrifying. You see the little girl walk by and then you see the predator jump the fence and come up behind her. Just watching it made my heart race with fear.

Even from the sketchy footage, the park looks safe, like the kind of place anyone would let their pre-teen walk in without supervision on her way home from school. As a parent, it makes me sick to see how he spots the girl and stalks her. It isn't a movie. It's real. The footage is disturbing to say the least.

In Florida, students coming to and from school are being told to walk in pairs or in a group and stay on public sidewalks. Parents are being told to be aware of their children's whereabouts at all times. Members of the community are being told they should also watch for anything out of the ordinary and immediately contact police if they see someone acting suspiciously.

Meanwhile, the school district has added security guards and installed additional cameras on school grounds, while local law enforcement has beefed up patrols in the area. 

We can't keep our kids safe all the time, and this video and the accompanying safety procedures just prove that. Let's just hope this evil monster is taken off the streets soon.

Were you terrified by the video?


Image via YouTube



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yes, that is totally freaky.

Dannielle Richins

That makes me furious. I hope someone catches that man and beats the bloody life out of him.

Abby Lynch

I'm speechless. That video is unbelievably terrifying. I truly hope they find this man.

sweet... sweetheart5703

Very scary. I live in Florida myself, but not that county. I hope they catch the SOB soon! 

shiva... shivasgirl

honestly? I couldnt see enough to say he was going to assault her, maybe he knew her and was running to give her something. The thing is, my child would NEVER be alone in a park, EVER, so if he is an abuser, I pray he gets caught before someone child is hurt

nonmember avatar NShackel

I have to agree with Shivasgirl. The video doesn't show anything other than a person (f/m???) walking without adult supervision. It's fine to be cautious but don't psych yourself out. That's how the "mob mentality" occurs. There's a difference between vigilance and vigilanty.

nonmember avatar Russ

This is a person for whom the death penalty would be ideal, unless he can be put away for life with no parole at hard labor. Human trash.

Vickijo Oconnell Saurer

if someone had the time to video tape this then why didn't this person that taped this create a commotion or call for the law, Whats the deal.

nonmember avatar quan

Is this video footage from someone personal camera or a camera in the park? If so the person should have help the child. If this footage is from the park camera, please upgrade your video camera equipment so that you can zoom in on image or footage. It would be of help. Hope this person is caught soon.

nonmember avatar QT

Vickijo and Quan - obviously they have stated that this is a video surveillance tape. Surveillance indicates a camera set up in the part to catch any and all activity. You must have not read that part. Nobody was just sitting in the park with a video camera hoping to catch something. Since they viewed the tape, it is apparent that the child reported that someone tried to attack/assault her. Therefore, LE looked at the surveillance tape and found their suspect was caught on the tape. They are trying to see if the public can recognize this person. Maybe someone will recognize the way that the person walks (since a face is not recognizabel). This person needs to be stopped if they have already tried on 3 girls. They will be successful again and it may end tragically for a girl and her family.

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