13-Year-Old Raped by Her Virtual 'Husband', 54

A man traveled hundreds of miles three times to have sex with his long-distance wife. That almost sounds like a normal romantic story, right? Well, now, imagine the "wife" is a 13-year-old girl whom he met online and married in a role playing game. Now imagine the man is 54. Getting creepier?

This is a true story out of Massachusetts. John Phillips of Fitchburg, Massachusetts., came three times to see the girl in Michigan and was only caught when her mother found her using the cell phone he gave her in order to call him. According to the Boston Globe:

Charges against John Phillips include sexual assault, child sexually abusive activity and accosting a child for immoral purposes, Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said at a news conference, according to the Boston Globe. I've been in law enforcement almost 35 years now, and this guy is one of the worst people that I have seen, Napoleon said.


When I think of the fact that I am only nine years away (!) from having a 13-year-old, I kind of want to tear my hair out, but one question is plaguing me: where were her parents through all this?

It is great that her mother noticed, but she only noticed after he had already been to see and have sex with her daughter three separate times. And that forgets the whole other issue regarding the VIRTUAL MARRIAGE. I have never been a role player, but I would imagine that even in the computer, a marriage takes time to build.

According to authorities, Phillips met the girl online last year while playing RuneScape. The Globe says:

They got married in the game, sheriff's corporal Ray Johnson said. Maybe he thought that was legitimate in real life. It's not.

Yeah, OK. Maybe we could put the blame on the role playing game. There is no doubt they can become all consuming and take a person into an alternate reality. But the blame is still on the parents. Sorry. Where were they while their daughter was off with this creepy old dude?

She is 13 for god's sake. She can't even drive. At 13, a child should be under a whole lot of supervision (am I right?). This is especially true if she is online. A predator looks for weak prey and by not protecting their child, this one is on mom and dad.

Do you blame mom and dad?



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