Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial: The Best Ad Starred a Kid (VIDEO)


darth vader commercialThe Darth Vader commercial was the best Super Bowl ad by far. Seriously. In this galaxy or in any far far away. It went viral fast and early, bopping around the Internet the whole weekend. It was posted on Facebook days before it actually aired Sunday night.

But, as I watched it during the Super Bowl, I couldn't help but notice: this, the best Super Bowl commercial doesn't star a celebrity.

Sorry, Eminem. Sorry, Joan Rivers. The star of the Super Bowl was Max Page, aka little Darth Vader. I'd say he tied Aaron Rodgers for MVP.

Max is the ripe ol' age of 6. And he stole the show.

The evening was filled with really bad car commercials (Poseidon rising from the sea? Really?) and even worse beer commercials (The Old West Budweiser spot with "Tiny Dancer" sung in the saloon? Ugh). So, some may say it wasn't hard for Max as a mini-Vader to command top status.

I disagree. Despite it's lack of competition last night, I vote for this one as one of the best Super Bowl commercials ever. It resembles another fantastic Super Bowl ad of yore: the "Mean" Joe Green Coca-Cola ad from 1979  -- yes, which also starred a kid. This VW ad, watching Max, clad in a Darth Vader costume, attempting to use the Force on everything from his lunch to the dog, was not only uber-adorable, but well done.

From concept to execution, this ad was spot on, perfect. The end, when he finally succeeds (well, with the help of Dad and his remote keys), as he looks toward the camera (behind the mask, of course), his acting, what we feel, is priceless. Thank you, Volkswagon ... and thank you, Max Page!

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial last night? 

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Simpl... Simplicity3

My favorite ad.  I love it.  I've been watching it over and over. 

miche... micheledo

BEST commercial!!!  I saw it on FB and am amazed at the talent that child has.  You could "see" his facial expressions under that mask, he did such an incredible job with his hands and body!  Loved it.  (and missed the majority of the commercials and game because I was putting children to bed and nursing)

Pnukey Pnukey

Vader is the celebrity. This commercial is awesome.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I saw this one on the net prior to the Super Bowl. LOVED it. :)

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I felt the commercials left a lot to be desired this year.  I agree this one was the best, but that's not saying much considering the competition.

nonmember avatar Jen

Agreed. Mini-Vader took the cake. As a parent, I've seen my 2 boys "use" the Force (of course with our own remotes in hand) and these "WOW" moments kids have like this are absolutely adorable. Even if there were better commercials to compete with, this would still win out.

nonmember avatar Christine

This one was also my fave! I did like a few others, though, including the bug commercial that you realize at the end is for Volkswagon and the Coca Cola commercial where the guards change the line in the sand so they can share a coke....wouldn't it be nice if all conflicts could be solved so easily!

momto... momtothemax2910

This was the best. So precious!!!

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