50 Ideas for Indoor Fun in the Winter

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My children are currently sitting at home, looking at their sixth snow day of the winter of 2011. While most of the parents I know are slowly going crazy from all the work piling up that they never have time to accomplish, their children are going extra crazy.

We live in a small city condo and my children are so tired of staring at our four walls. They're lucky to have one another, but I think they're even starting to get tired of each other. If your kids are like mine and need constant supervision, then good luck to you.

Luckily, there are many, many winter activities for them to do that don't involve freezing to death. Here are 50 of them:

50 Indoor Fun Ideas for Kids

  1. Have a floor picnic
  2. Use a bag of cotton balls for an indoor "snowball fight"
  3. Let the kids play with measuring cups, spoons, bowls, and a bag of rice (keep a vacuum on hand!)
  4. Treasure hunt through the house
  5. Play with cardboard boxes: You can build robots, ships, doll houses, and more.
  6. Shrinky Dinks: Jewelry, dolls, travel tags ... all sorts of fun.
  7. Cupcake decorating contests
  8. Board games
  9. Making up our own board games
  10. Re-illustrate/re-write old books
  11. Roller blading: Check out an indoor rink near you!
  12. Indoor playgrounds
  13. Ice skating at a rink
  14. XC skiing: The parents move so fast, everyone stays warm.
  15. Snowshoeing (see above): If your kids are little, pull them in a pulk!
  16. Fairy hunting: Sprinkle a little glitter around the house and imaginations can go CRAZY.
  17. Video games
  18. Make Play-doh
  19. Go through summer clothing and pretend it's summer
  20. Make frozen mocktails, fill the bath, and have a “beach party”
  21. Build a fort
  22. Make a mural
  23. Bake Valentine’s cookies
  24. Make homemade Valentines
  25. Play paper dolls
  26. Pop popcorn and have a movie-fest
  27. Make homemade pizza
  28. Make s’mores in the microwave
  29. Charades
  30. Pictionary
  31. Name that tune
  32. Library story hour
  33. Toy store singalongs
  34. Various indoor playspaces
  35. Open pool time at the gym
  36. Arts & crafts open studies
  37. Bring the outside toys inside (given a good washing first)
  38. Dance parties
  39. Indoor tag
  40. Hide & seek
  41. Fill the bathtub with snow and play inside
  42. Bubble blowing
  43. Homemade bowling with balls and bottles
  44. Round Robin storytelling
  45. Ring Around the Rosy 
  46. Indoor camping: Bring your sleeping bags into the living room, tell ghost stories, and all sleep there.
  47. Reading books
  48. Trying on Mommy's clothing
  49. Playing "beauty shop"
  50. Making snow ice cream

How do you spend winter days?


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