Snowman Building Checklist -- Creative Winter Kid Fun


When it comes to kid-friendly seasonal activities, I'm all for pre-made DIY craft kits that make a parent's life easier. It's so nice to be able to pick up an affordable kit full of hard-to-find materials so you and the kids can get the fun underway in a snap.

However, I draw the line at the Snowman-Making Kit. No one, I repeat no one, needs to purchase a kit in order to build a snowman. That's just silly. Half the fun of building a snowman is setting forth on the scavenger hunt around the house beforehand. Trust us! Everything you need to perfect your snowman -- his eyes, nose, mouth, clothing accessories, etc. -- can be found in or around your home.


The ultimate snowman building checklist

Feel like you need a little help remembering the makings of a perfect snowman? We've put together a lengthy list to get your started. And remember, every personal touch you add to your snowman just makes your snowman all the more unique and exceptional.

Snowman (or Snowlady) Checklist

  • Eyes: Traditionally black coal, you might use easier-to-come-by rocks, charcoal, whole black olives, or dried prunes.
  • Nose: Frosty the Snowman had a button nose, but fresh carrot noses are all the rage.
  • Mouth: Line up several small pebbles into a snowman smile -- also try: raisins or coffee beans.
  • Arms: Try long twigs with spare mittens or gloves at the ends to create the look of hands.
  • Shirt: Buttons, ribbon, or costume jewelry can be used to create a faux coat front on your snowman or snowlady.
  • Other Accessories: Snowpeople look wonderful in hats -- any kind! Frosty had a corncob pipe, but some parents may not be into making smoking snowpeople. Martha Stewart suggests using food coloring and water in a spray bottle to create rosy cheeks -- so cute! Also fun: scarves, sunglasses, fake jewelry, a faux moustache, and more.

Have you built a snowman yet this year? What unique materials do you like to use to build your snowman?


Image via Evgeny Bakharev/shutterstock

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