10 Joys of Sick Kids

sick kidHaving kids with coughs and colds sucks. It's so hard to see them all uncomfortable and lethargic. Their poor little flushed faces and bodies are just so pathetic. Heartbreaking, even. But, assuming the illness is mild and fleeting, there are certain benefits. Great benefits.

1. The Peace. The Quiet. It's heavenly.

2. No School. Sure, it means they're home all day, but it's nice to not make lunch, get them dressed, and cart them off at 7:30 a.m. every now and then.


3. What Well Balanced Diet? No need to stress about veggies or just how many cookies they scarf down. When kids are sick, you're just happy when they eat or drink anything.

4. Laundry Break. Keep the kids in PJs all day long and you'll notice a great drop in laundry. No sporting uniforms that need to be washed or paint spills and muddy knees. The difference is huge.

5. The Unlimited Cuddles. Kids who are too cool for cuddles suddenly become lap dogs when they don't feel well. It's cozy and sweet and over in a blink.

6. TV Without Guilt. Normally, I have a strict hour in the morning and half hour at night limit. When the kids are sick, the TV stays on all day long. It's awesome.

7. A Clean House. Without energetic kids running around and making a mess, the house stays remarkably neat and clean.

8. Play-Date Break. I love when my kids have friends over, but I also love a break from feeding other faces, entertaining other children, and playing referee.

9. Naps. Sick kids must get their rest. It's the perfect excuse for you to nap with them, and really, nothing beats a good nap.

10. They Want Their Mommy. It's short-lived. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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