Friday Freebies!

mommachristy and her chart keepers.

Let the good times roll. For this week's Friday Freebies--all free stuff you can find on line.--tips came from gracious moms mommachristy and KarenAtCCAM. So thank them, not me!


For the family that needs more organization: You can get great chore and behavior charts at "No paper charts unless you choose to print them.  Parents select what they want to be on the charts and what rewards they want to offer for "handipoints" earned. Handiland is for kids to go play and use their bonus points. We've been using this for a few weeks with our 6 and 7 yr.'s made a big difference in our home," says mommachristy.

I'm actually trying this one myself, this organizational site looks super fun with all kinds of things for kids to do, and the charts themselves look very, very managable. I'll let you know how they work for me.

photo courtesy of Mudpies and Mary Janes

For the kids who love their names on stuff: This is the coolest lunchbox yet. But there is a catch. You've got to go to KarenAtCCAM's personal blog  Mudpies and Mary Janes, scroll down and then link to win by Sunday November 16 (there's only one being given away!).

Good luck everyone and please don't forget to send me your favorite freebies.

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