Winter Activities By Age: Snow Angels to Hockey Pucks

mom playing with kids in snow

More snow might just be headed your way right now, so it's time to give in and and go for the gusto. You can't beat the cold, so get outside and teach your kids that winter fun makes the whole "freezing my butt off" thing worth it.

Of course, some winter activities are better for little ones, big ones, and medium ones, so check out this handy guide to age-appropriate adventures.

Button up everyone's coat, and put on the water-proof boots -- it's snow time! 



It's best to limit your tiny one's cold weather exposure, so any outdoor activities should include a designated clock-watcher. Still, if your toddler is excited rather than scared of the big snow drifts, here's what you should plan on doing when you head outside:

  • Sledding (tandem, unless you have a very small hill with no bigger kids around)
  • Snowman Construction
  • Rudimentary Snow Angels (and come inside for cocoa right after your kiddo gets soaking wet)


All of the toddler activities still apply to bigger kids, but now is the time to instill a love of winter sports by getting the kids out on the slopes. With supervision, of course. Sign the little ones up for lessons, but stay close by in case they decide they're not quite ready.

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Ice Skating

Grade School & Beyond

If your kids haven't yet gotten on skates, skis, or a board, they'll probably be clamoring for those activities right about now. If they have, take it up a notch and introduce more rigorous outdoor sports. Don't forget some fun ones that can only be enjoyed when the water sources are completely frozen over.

  • Hockey
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Ice Fishing
  • Curling (for our international readers)

What are you doing with your kids out in the cold this winter?

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