Sledding: The Great Winter Sports Equalizer?

Flexible FlyerI feel bad for sledding. It's the red-headed stepchild of the winter sports family. Skiing is in the Olympics, it's cool! Ditto snowboarding!

And who doesn't like a good brawl hockey game? Sorry, at the end of the day, I'm old school. Throw on a pair of snow pants, climb to the top of a hill, and go down on your booty. You don't have to be especially athletic or coordinated (raises hands), and you can still have a ton of fun.

Paging all kids. Get thee to the hills. But first, maybe one of these will help get you in the mood:


Flexible Flyer $64.95 at Amazon

I had one of these sleds as a kid, and I never understood why my parents were so jazzed about it. Then I grew up and found out they're one of the oldest and most respected in the states. And for good reason: everything about this sled -- from the foot rests that simultaneously protect kids' ankles and help with steering to the top-notch runners -- made it the perfect pick for a New York winter.


O'er the Hills Sled $16.95 (on sale) at Land of Nod

It's just your standard saucer, but there are two major advantages to going o'er the hills on this red sled. It's made of steel, which means it won't be shredded to pieces in an instant, and it comes with a helmet with adjustable chin strap to keep the kids' noggins safe from the bumps and bruises.

snow bear sled

Snow Bear Sled $39.99 at Target

OK, let me just say I have no idea how this could be comfortable. Or terribly easy to handle. Or good for piling on lots of kids (always the best part of sledding). But this may be the cutest sled I've ever seen.


Walrooz Connectable Sleds $8 apiece at Giggle

Sibling rivalry begone. Each of these goofy plastic sleds hooks to the next so the whole family can go down at once. No more "but, Moooom, I wanted to go first!"


Tire Inner Tube Free

Know anyone in the car biz? Ask them for a used inner tube that has been patched too many times to be useful anymore. Then let the kids have at the hills without worrying one wit if the thing falls apart. It's just part of "reduce, reuse, recycle." There are more where that came from.

What are your kids' favorite sleds?

Image via vagawi/Flickr

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