Mom Says 5 Is Old Enough for First Eyebrow Wax (VIDEO)


waxQuick. What's the youngest you'd let a girl go to the salon to get her eyebrows waxed? Eighteen? Sixteen? The day before her first prom? Twelve if she's especially hairy?

How about 5 years old? I know what I thought. Over my dead body is anyone going near my 5-year-old's face with dripping hot wax. Then there's this mom, whose daughter is, surprise, surprise, a contestant on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. Somehow she just can't understand why her 5-year-old is freaked out by the idea. Hmm, let's explain this one to her.

When you get your eyebrows done, a cosmetologist (hopefully a licensed one) spreads hot wax on your eyebrows. Let's repeat that. Hot. Wax.

Then, just as it starts to get cool and almost feel good, they spread a piece of fabric across the whole shebang and yank, as hard as they can, ripping the hot wax AND the hair straight out of your brows. To put it in 5-year-old terms, it's about as fun as a visit to the pediatrician's office for your pre-kindergarten round of vaccinations followed by having your little brother give your favorite doll a swirlie. 

Watch this poor girl go through it all:

Gee? Terrified of it? With the way I just described it, you don't say, Mom! Don't get me wrong; I love my monthly wax. It's some of the best money I spend all month. But I remember being terrified of my first wax too -- and I was 21 or 22 at the time?

The fact is, there's no need to do this to a kid. There's technically no need to do it to anybody, really. I have a genetic pre-disposition to a unibrow (thanks, Dad!), but I got by with plucking for years. It's pure vanity that sends me out for my wax now. But I'm an adult. I can recognize vanity when I'm staring it in the mirror. Kids can't.

Considering it's a show called Toddlers and Tiaras, there's no question these parents are pushing vanity on their girls already. But come on, an eyebrow wax? At 5? They're painful and can have life-long impacts (scientists say it can force lighter hairs to return darker, and it can alter hair follicles forever).

Not to mention, before puberty, the eyebrows of the average child aren't very full to begin with. They will naturally bush out in her tweens, just as the eyes reduce in size, providing a balance to the face. So the way they're waxed now -- if it alters the growth entirely -- could potentially leave her with a strange look that won't match her post-pubescent face.

When do you think a kid is old enough for her first wax?


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lovin... loving_my_hero

My daughter wants to do pageants, but this is part of the reason I don't think its a good idea. Kids need the opportunity to be kids. I was 20 when I had my first wax and there is no way my 5 year old is having that done until she's old enough to make the decision herself.

PonyC... PonyChaser

How is that NOT considered abuse?  Why isn't that mother answering questions from authorities right now?


irock... irocksocks

I think as soon as a child wants it done, you should let them, but remind them how painful it is. I got it done the first time at 14, but it was my choice to get it done, A parent should not ofrce a child to get it done if the child does not want to,

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

This video is so, so disturbing.

Beaz Beaz

That show makes me sick for the most part. Some of the girls on the show get a positive experience out of competing, they enjoy it, and they are learning confidence as well as "sportsmanship" in a way by accepting they won't always win (if their parents teach that instead of whining right along with them saying how "unfair" it was). I can't STAND when I see the parents throwing a temper tantrum when their child didn't win,  especially if the child is sitting there smiling even if they didn't win. If it really is all about their kid like they claim it to be, why are you angry if your child had a good time and fun? Way to try to live vicariously through your daughters. Ugh.

Gypsy... GypsyFlower

Aww, Well I don't necessarily think it is child abuse. But I did feel bad for the little girl. I couldn't force my child to endure that sorta pain if she really didn't want too. She had a bad trauma experience before. I think the mother could of found alternative ways to do the eyebrows. Like Plucking..yea Plucking..Know why? cause you can numb it with a little bit of ice and it wont hurt as bad. I do this to my teen girls last couple  years with no problem. I myself would NEVER get a wax anyway  plucking yes but never wax. Poor little one...

nonmember avatar Rachel

@ loving_my_hero there are pageants that are focused on only natural beauty and it's more of a fun family oriented competition. One place I look at frequently, for if I can ever find the time to do one with my daughter, is "My Royal Crown Pageants". I like their ideas behind the competition which is all kids are winners, come here and try and make friends, no make up, no glitz or mild glitz on certain costumes and themes, no fake teeth, no wild hair or hair pieces,and they mainly want you to dress your kids in their "sunday bests". Almost everything on Toddlers and Tiaras is Full Glitz which I could never do to my daughter. While I like some of the glitzy dresses I wouldn't ever want my lil girl to have an eyebrow wax, spray tan, flipper, hair pieces, the only thing I might consider is a manicure only for the fun of it as a mother daughter thing but no acrylics. Oh and if my daughter ever acted the way some of those lil girls do she wouldn't be doing anything!!

Amanda Rashid

Wow!! This makes me so mad! The little girl is sitting their crying and freaking out and the mom is STILL making her do it. SO WRONG! Child abuse, anyone?? My daughter can get her eyebrows waxed when she is old enough to make that decision for herself (and I consent to it! LOL).

Anast... Anastazia975

I am an avid waxer, and it doesn't hurt. Your hair doesn't come in darker or any of those myths out in the world. I frankly do not have the time or patience, let alone attention span to pluck. All that being said. What professional stylist waxes a child?? According to a very good friend of mine, that owns and runs one of the top salons in Miami, under twelve is not okay. Maybe the laws are different everywhere, or it's owners prerogative. Either way, waxing a 5 year old is wrong in my opinion, and that show is beyond wrong! Have we learned nothing from Jon Benet Ramsey? The amount of pedophiles in the world? Oy, way to teach the wrong things to our daughters.

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