Do You Take Advantage of Your Local Library?

photo by Erica37

My youngest son's daycare center is closed for "teacher training day," which means I've got to craft a constructive day for him despite the loads of work I have to do. Issue one: Can we stay local? As much as I'd love to drop everything to trek with my kid across town to some fancy, funky kid event, I really don't have the time. Issue two: Whatever we do today cannot, I repeat, cannot, cost a bunch of money.


I call my sister for ideas (she's like a personal, and BINGO! The library. During warmer months we bounce around to all kinds of events, many great ones at our library's main branch. When school is in session and it's colder out though, I always manage to forget that the library is still there. But is it ever. One click and a whole calendar of kid, tween and teen free events pop up. (Google "fill in your hometown library.") Today: Story time at 11: 00. Gotta run!

Do you take advantage of the free programs at your local library?

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