Princess Boy Will Be a Victim of Bullying


Princess BoyI think that it's fantastic that Cheryl Kilodavis, mother of 5-year-old Dyson, allows her son to wear tutus and princess dresses. I really don't see a problem with little girls wearing football jerseys or little boys dressing up in skirts. Let the kids be who they want to be, it's really not that big of a deal. At first, Cheryl was hesitant to let Dyson climb trees in a dress, but then with the coaxing of her older son and husband, she accepted it. So much so that the family now refers to him as "Princess Boy."

She went on to write a book, My Princess Boy, urging parents to accept their children for who they are. But to prove her point, she published photos of her adorable Princess Boy, posing in a variety of fluffy dresses. Which is one of the worst things she could have possibly done.

Do you recall how horrified you were when your mother brought out the dreaded baby picture album to your high school boyfriend? There you sat in pure helplessness as your mother pointed out how cute your naked tush was. This little boy will likely, one day, endure the same embarrassment, only ten-fold. He's not going to prance around in dresses forever, this phase will eventually disappear, but that book with those photos will not. I understand that she's trying to help other parents accept their children for who they are -- which is noble -- but at the cost of her son. She's using him as an example, as a tool if you will, to make a point (and earn a salary).

One day, 10 years from now, those pictures are going to circulate through his high school halls, and he is going to suffer so much criticism from his peers, it's going to take bullying to a whole new level. She clearly did not think (or care) of his future when she penned that book.

Not exactly Mother of the Year, in my opinion.

What do you think about this story? Do you think publishing the boy's photos was necessary to prove her point?


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kisse... kisses5050

I like how you helped the situation by adding the picture to the story.

ivy801 ivy801

Doesn't matter what we think or what anyone else thinks. I see a happy child and a mom who wanted to say hey thi sis my son and I love him that way. It all comes down to how we raise our children. A child is a blank slate and they learn through life and sometimes there's narrow minded and ignorances a long the way.

mommix4 mommix4

This is different then the previous blog who raved about the mom. I still think what the mom is doing is wrong. Not the child he's innocent and has done nothing wrong but that mother makes me mad

angev... angevil53

i really don't see a problem with it, at all. they were her pics to share and if someone is going to bully someone they don't have to go looking far for something. i'm sure that by the time bullying comes around to him (if it hasn't already) he'll be over it. he has support from family to fall back on and probably a good college fund, too. anyone want to buy my baby pics? for real though, i don't think this will phase him, it will build his character.

Xakana Xakana

I totally disagree, but I never understood people's obsessions with being embarassed by baby pictures. I love my baby pictures and show them to my friends--naked tush and all. And I did as a child/teenager, too. I've had boys show me pictures of them dressed up in dresses with a laugh. I think that children will be embarassed about what you teach them to be embarassed about and frankly, if this guy gets 'bullied' over pictures of him as a child (and you have no idea if this is a passing phase or not) then those kids got those pictures from somewhere--probably adults who are horrible people and get their jollies from looking down on others. And if you mean teenagers--eh. How he reacts will be more affecting than the book itself. By the time he's grown, it will probably have been forgotten anyway.

Guinh... Guinhyvar

I absolutely agree with Xakana.

I think you're absolutely wrong in your assessment of the situation.

Rebec... RebeccaJill

I don't agree with what the mom is doing.  I think the child deserves privacy.  If he wants to dress up in tutus at 6 he may not want to at 16 but even if he does he may not want to advertise it.  He will most likely grow up to hate the nickname " Princess Boy ". 

nonmember avatar isabel

Kids will get bullied for any reason. Good for the mother for accepting her son for what he is. This phase can pass on to his teenage years nobody knows the outcome of Dyson future. I hope in the near future people will accept people for who they are.

jtayl... jtaylor87

i think homosexuallity is wrong but on the point that the mother was wrong to post pics ofher son in clothes is 2,000 times better than posting one of him without clothes on... get over it!! it's her child to screw up if she wants

nonmember avatar kalmmom

There is nothing wrong with her son wanting to wear the tutu's and frilly dresses - my youngest does (thanks to his slightly older sisters extensive dress up collection LOL) and I see nothing wrong with it. He wears them for all of 5 minutes and then changes into his own dress up clothes - Handy Manny, Buzz, Woody, etc. It's just expressionism and imaginative play and its good for them. Writing the book to help other parents learn to accept their kids regardless of what they do was a good thing. Not so sure about posting the pics - I have to agree that at some point they will haunt him, he may not care in high school cause he will have an excellent support system in his family but still I imagine it will get tiresome to hear the constant taunts daily from the other kids. And I def would NOT call my own son princess boy - but that would be because he would tell me "NO Mommy, I NOT a princess, CC is the princess - I am the prince/knight/king/dragonslayer/handyman/whatever he wants to be at the moment LOL

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