Princess Boy Will Be a Victim of Bullying

Princess BoyI think that it's fantastic that Cheryl Kilodavis, mother of 5-year-old Dyson, allows her son to wear tutus and princess dresses. I really don't see a problem with little girls wearing football jerseys or little boys dressing up in skirts. Let the kids be who they want to be, it's really not that big of a deal. At first, Cheryl was hesitant to let Dyson climb trees in a dress, but then with the coaxing of her older son and husband, she accepted it. So much so that the family now refers to him as "Princess Boy."

She went on to write a book, My Princess Boy, urging parents to accept their children for who they are. But to prove her point, she published photos of her adorable Princess Boy, posing in a variety of fluffy dresses. Which is one of the worst things she could have possibly done.


Do you recall how horrified you were when your mother brought out the dreaded baby picture album to your high school boyfriend? There you sat in pure helplessness as your mother pointed out how cute your naked tush was. This little boy will likely, one day, endure the same embarrassment, only ten-fold. He's not going to prance around in dresses forever, this phase will eventually disappear, but that book with those photos will not. I understand that she's trying to help other parents accept their children for who they are -- which is noble -- but at the cost of her son. She's using him as an example, as a tool if you will, to make a point (and earn a salary).

One day, 10 years from now, those pictures are going to circulate through his high school halls, and he is going to suffer so much criticism from his peers, it's going to take bullying to a whole new level. She clearly did not think (or care) of his future when she penned that book.

Not exactly Mother of the Year, in my opinion.

What do you think about this story? Do you think publishing the boy's photos was necessary to prove her point?


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