Vogue Spread Looks A Lot Like Kiddie Porn


If the picture at left looks like kiddie porn to you, then you are missing the point. What is the point? It is supposed to be a commentary from French Vogue on our culture's obsession with youth.

Clear now?

If not, then you are a lot like me. I also look at these photos and see JonBenet Ramsey and little girls looking disturbingly like adult women, but I also recognize that it is meant to disturb us. It has. But not in the way they intended. Coming from a fashion magazine that is only too happy normally to show us 13 and 14-year-old models dressed up as adult women and call it the beauty ideal, it feels a little false and heavy handed. 

Yes, our culture is obsessed with the beauty of youth, but it is a bit like those fashion magazines that tell you to be "happy with the skin you're in" and then set that article next to a photo of a model half your size in the look "you should want."

And I still can't stop being disturbed by these photos just on principle.

Little girls love to play dress-up, but at a certain point, dress-up can give way into "you are way too young to look like that" and this spread crosses that line.

Are these girls even older than 8? 

They are beautiful, no doubt and what is disturbing is that they do like high fashion models. They look exactly like slightly smaller versions of the beauty ideal. OK, we get it. But the very fashion magazine that perpetuates such ideas is not the place to showcase this. Maybe it would be better suited in a magazine like Bitch or Ms., two places better known for such social commentary. In Vogue it almost feels like they are serious.

Is this what we are supposed to look like now?

It rubs me the wrong way. It feels cheap and yes, also kind of icky. Like they are half making a point and half trying to titillate people with underage girls. If that's the idea, I am not buying. These little girls are better suited for Hanna Andersson and Gymboree than Versace.

Do you think this spread is getting it's point across?



Image via Vogue

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Casey Jacketta-Dunyon

It was my understanding that this was supposed to be a satire about the standards of beauty in the industry. Most 20 year old models weigh about the same as these 12-13 year olds. I find that disturbing as well.

nonmember avatar Gertie

It is weird, scary and sad. I call bullcrap that it is supposed to satire our obsession with youth. Want to make a statement about that? Feature older women posed just like models and get a reaction.....don't exploit little girls.

wendy... wendy46121

... this looks nothing like kiddie porn.   

I dont like THIS either, but kiddie porn is something far more depraved and disgusting than this even touches on.  

This is making kids look older than they are... but you can still actually tell they are kids. 

Jenny... JennyG0929

I just think of it as playing dress up. When I was little I would put on moms dresses, heels and makeup and shuffle around the house. How could you even compare this kiddie porn?

Mythi... MythicMMM

Really? That is what you took from this? No, I say "aww, what cute kids. They even have them in age appropreate clothes that aren't trying to accentuate non-existant boobies and butts". Really? Kiddie porn? Take a step into a shopping mall some time and gander at the hoochie clothes we are trying to sell that are marketed to girls in that age range. Plunging necklines on 2T clothes for petes sake! And you know some illgotton parent is buying it if there is market enough for them to be putting them on the racks! Hell when I lived in the ghetto other people thought it was "ok" for their baby to 5 year olds and so on to roam the neighborhood in daisydukes and too small too tight halter tops! This article is nothing but a "I have nothing to write about" piece. (escuse the typos, small keys and no spell check on my phone)

ZsMommy ZsMommy

It's creepy-not fashionable at all-and the very first ad pic on the top left-the eyes...remind me too much of pics of JonBenet Ramsey.


sweet... sweetheart1985

I think it gets the point across. Definitely not kiddie porn.. lol

popta... poptart0325

This is definitely not kiddie porn. Looks more like dress-up time when they go into mom's closet and make-up. Far from kiddie porn, that's for sure.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I wouldn't call it kiddie porn, exactly, but I do think a pedophile would enjoy them - sort of the same way a normal male enjoys the swimsuit issue.  I guess I can see the point they're trying to make.  The picture of the girl in the wingchair with the stillettos on really skeeves me out.

littl... littlevee

I don't think this is porn, in all technical rights, but the problem is that sexuality is infinite and someone with the right inclination might use it as just that.

Satire or not, it was way too bold. Not to mention, how do you explain satire to your little girl who sees this on a newsstand and likes the clothes? That's a big talk for an 8 year old, but I guess so it is to explain sexuality on that level.

I think it's just silly, personally. 

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