Raise the Next Kate Middleton: The Price of Princesshood

There is nothing wrong with a little girl who loves princesses. Most fairy godmothers would agree that it takes a lot more than pretty dresses and updos to make a girl a princess. She must also be magnanimous, kind, giving and warm -- think Princess Diana holding orphans in Africa.

I have no problem with my daughter wanting to be that kind of princess. I am less thrilled with the idea of her being the spoiled kind who makes $20,000 Christmas lists and expects everyone to wait on her. Even so, if my daughter really wanted, I would send her to princess camp where she could learn everything it takes to be a true, real princess.

Think it does not exist? Think again, The link above will take you to a website where for around $5,000 your daughter could travel to London for a week where she would take tea, etiquette lessons, riding lessons and more. There is also a charity component and tourist events as well.

In short, it is every little Kate Middleton-wannabe's dream. So why not do it?


There is a difference between true princesshood and spoiled entitlement. And while there is nothing wrong with being wealthy, using that wealth to spoil only yourself is gross. I like that this camp includes a charity component, but I also love that it serves a little girl's fantasy. I fully plan on sending my children to sleepaway camp as was the norm in my family, so why would I not spend around what good sleepaway camp costs anyway to send my child to a camp where she could build lifelong memories?

OK, it's a little cheesy, but I would consider it given my daughter really wanted it. According to the website:

Your little princess is housed with 7 other girls in a luxury flat located in the heart of Kensington & Chelsea, London’s most expensive and sophisticated neighbourhood. All meals are freshly prepared and served by Jeeves, our resident butler. Each day a real life princess (historical or living) is discussed and each meal includes lessons in traditional etiquette. In the evenings, girls are encouraged to write in their princess journals before settling in to enjoy the night's princess-themed movie. Professional US/UK staff, including trained night-nannies (not unlike Mary Poppins), meet the girls at the airport and supervise them 24 hours a day.

I wish they had the adult version of it! Childhood lasts only 18 years. Why not give them something really special they will always remember?

Would you do this?

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