Best & Worst Kid Role Models of 2010

The under-18 set has been crazy in the news this year. Shouldn't they all be home studying? For the ones making news in the "bad" category, let me just say: We get it. You never wanted to be a role model. You were forced into fame and screw those people who think you have to live a certain way. Blah, blah, blah. Still, you're getting called out, Taylor.

Luckily not all of them are smoking Salvia from a bong (but some of them are!), so we can bring you the best and worst kid role models of 2010.

Here are a few of each:



  • Alexis & Collin Gosselin: Physically abusing a teacher and other children is pretty high up on the list of offenses I wouldn't want my children committing, but the two Gosselin children were even expelled from school for the offense! Sounds like someone is going to be getting a lump of coal in their stocking this holiday.

  • Miley Cyrus: Pole-dancing was just the beginning with this newly minted 18-year-old. Smoking salvia? On camera? Is there no God? I think my problem here is less with her smoking and more with what she is smoking. Please kids, if you're going to smoke, at least smoke something we've heard of. Of course, sticking with the legal stuff does make it complicated. You are walking a line, Miley. And not one I want my kids walking.
  • Taylor Momsen: Sex tapes and whining and parent-blaming, oh my! And that is just the beginning. No, I don't want my children acting like her. And no, I will never push my children into early modeling, like she claims her parents did. Sure, the kid is bad now, but what did the parents do to make it be so?

  • Teen Mom Amber Portwood: She is like every bad stereotype of teen motherhood rolled into one angry, bitter, boyfriend-abusing 20-year-old. Just getting pregnant as a kid is enough to break most parental hearts, but doing such a poor job of taking care of herself, her child, and the child's father only serves to make it worse. Get it together in 2011, girl!


  • Justin Bieber: I'm loathe to give the Bieber props because I honestly don't get his bubblegum appeal. But hey, I'm not a teenager. So far the Biebs has proven to be benign, while still getting the young girls' hearts pumping. Also, no sex or drug scandal this year makes him a mom favorite. Good job Biebs! Let's see if you can keep it up in 2011. (But I'm predicting a great downfall of the blow-dried one.)

  • Greyson Michael Chance: And I'll give some more props to the Bieber since his popularity surely inspired Greyson Michael Chance, the kid from Oklahoma who sings "Paparazzi" more beautifully than Lady Gaga.

  • Teen Mom Macy: If there were a prize for teen motherhood done right, Macy might get it. She is smart, she is savvy, she is finishing college, and most of all, she is a good mom. She and her son are going to turn out all right because she is a responsible, together kid. She is not letting teen motherhood get in her way of a happy life. Talk about strength. 

  • Teen Dad Tyler: I want this boy to be my son. Whatever his mama did, she did something right. He is smart, sensitive, loving, and an all-around rarity among teen boys, let alone teen dads. In short, he rocks. My son can emulate him (minus the pregnancy) any time he wants.

Who do you think was naughty this year here? How about nice?

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