Man Castrates Daughter's Boyfriend (Talk About Strict Parenting)


bread knifeWhen a German man, 47, couldn't get the police's cooperation to help stop his 17-year-old daughter from dating a 57-year-old, he took things into his own hands. Literally, the boyfriend's thing.

He chopped off the boyfriend's balls with a bread knife.

According to the report:

The man then recruited two work colleagues at his factory and then went to the house of the victim. The man was forced to remove his trousers and, fully conscious, he was castrated. The severed testicles were taken away by the perpetrator. The man was close to bleeding to death but managed to call police. His life was saved but he remains a eunuch for life.

Wow. This poor girl is never going to get another date. Ever.

Okay, now I forgive my father for [jokingly] threatening my high school boyfriends that he has a rifle and a bunch of dead boyfriends' bodies buried in the woods.

It's sweet when dads are protective of their little girls, but taking it to a criminal level is just insane. Especially when the dad had no legal say in whom his daughter dates, since the age for a consensual relationship is 16 in Germany. Is it weird to be dating someone 47 years older than you (and 10 years older than your dad)? Uh, yeah. And the boyfriend was probably a perverted sicko, but that doesn't mean you should go and chop his balls off because you think it's your "duty as a father."

I feel bad for the boyfriend because, well, having your balls cut off must really suck, but I also feel bad for the teenage daughter. If she's even able to ever get over this horrifying incident and attempt dating again, what guy is going to risk going out with her? Every time she hits on a guy, she'll probably get a Hell no, I'd like to keep my testicles, thank you very much.

Guess the dad got his way after all -- she probably won't be dating for a very long time.

What are your thoughts on this story? If you have a teenage daughter, how does her father react to her dating life?


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doodl... doodlepuss

Wow....just wow.

ZsMommy ZsMommy

Right now I can't even get past thethrowing upfactor to leave a true comment-this seriously made me gag.

lilmo... lilmomma8287

This is pretty

Domon... DomoniqueWS

I'm sure if our 17 year old was with a 57year old man my SO would get the same urge if police didn't interfere like they are supposed to.  Pedophiles shouldn't have dicks, period.


I am on the dads side... hope he gets off lightly- I mean he DID go to the police first. 17 + 57 = not cool

hotic... hoticedcoffee  I guess my stance is the dad shouldn't have done it, but I understand.

Tiffany Fisher

WOW, that is pretty intense,and the police should have done something,but she was 17...i think joking is one thing but doing it is a whole nother thing...he could have honestly killed this man!!!! i mean i feel for dad but really...


jalaz77 jalaz77

A little extreme....

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Hmmm... It's never ok to cut off someone's testicles, but that guy was clearly a creep.  

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