10 Ways to Occupy Kids While Doing the Holiday Baking

boy baking cookies ChristmasWhile I've always wanted to be one of those fun-loving moms who makes kids happy by getting them involved (like Sarah Palin, I guess), I was not gifted with the patience gene. So when it comes to holiday baking with the kids, I'm like, um, can we not?

Even those cookie-decorating parties at other people's houses give me an anxiety attack. There's ... frosting ... and sprinkles ... every ... where ... Oh it's just awful!

So I'll pull out all the stops to occupy the kids and keep them out of my hair while I make our Christmas cookies. Mama doesn't need any little "helpers" but thanks! Try these 10 tips for busying the kids while you bake.


10 Ways to Occupy Kids While Doing the Holiday Baking

  1. Where's Daddy? Doesn't he want to take the kids shopping for a gift for Mommy ... all day long?
  2. Oh, Daddy's on a ladder FINALLY hanging the Christmas lights outside because you told him there will be no Christmas in your house if there are no lights? Then send the kids to grandma's and promise them lots of cookies when they return.
  3. Darn, Grandma's busy too? Time to call your girlfriend and try to set your kids up on a playdate with her kids -- at her house.
  4. Shoot, everyone you know is trying to find a way to bake in peace, too? Hmm. What's on TV? Any Christmas movie marathons?
  5. Nothing on TV? Give the kids some art supplies and have them make Christmas cards for everyone in the family. Everyone!
  6. No? Indoor hopscotch anyone?
  7. Kids aren't going for any of this? Time to pull out the can o' patience then and channel Sarah Palin.
  8. Set little ones up in a spot of their own with some flour, a bowl, and some measuring cups. It's going to make a huge mess, but it'll occupy them for a good long while cause you NEVER let them do this sort of thing.
  9. Give your older kids a job. Here's a great list of kids baking jobs I put together for all the patient mothers out there.
  10. And when all else fails, swallow your pride and open the window and say, "Honey? Remember when I said the lights were the most important part of Christmas? Well, I WAS WRONG, and I am sorry" (and no, you can't edit out that last sentence ...).

How do you occupy your kids while you're baking? Or do you get them involved?


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