School Closing Solutions for the Desperate Parent

school closing bad weatherWere you in the wake of that crazy storm earlier this week? Is your kid sitting in front of you claiming he's "bored" as a result of the roads, malls, and most importantly, schools being closed? If so, tell him to hush up for five more minutes while you finish this handy article that will solve your kid problem.

You may not be able to get out of your driveway, but here are some solutions to school closing days that are almost as good as dropping them off at the arcade so you can get in some quality "me" time when the school won't take them. 


1. Snow Army

Tell your kids that there's a war coming, and only a snowman army can save your family from total destruction. Send them outside with a shovel, buttons, and some carrots.

2. Cooking School

Move the television into the kitchen. Turn on the Food Network and don't let the kids leave until they've prepared at least one dish from every show.

3. Beauty Salon

Plop your kids down with a hair brush and some rubber bands. Get every doll and pet that resides in your home, line them up in chairs, and put on some Lite FM. Tell your child they will be graded on creativity and execution. Note: Steer clear of the "salon" for optimal kid-free time with no long-term damage to your locks.

4. Mr. and Ms. Fix-It

Bring out the manuals to all your techie gadgets that are broken. If your child is over the age of 6, she should be able to read and fix every single item in your home. Tell them the first one finished gets her own iPhone. Then laugh when she's done and say, "Are you crazy? Don't you know AT&T has the worst service?"

5. Television Marathon

Listen, it's not going to kill them to become intimately familiar with the Nickelodeon line-up for just one day. It might make them stupid, but they'll still be alive and they'll be out of your hair.

What do you do when your school is closed due to bad weather?


Image via Per Ola Wiberg Powi/Flickr

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