Girls Who Love 'Star Wars' Unite!

Little Katie Goldman just wanted to love Star Wars, but bullies at her school told her those movies were only for boys. In the weeks that have followed, the Internet has proven them so very, very wrong.

A major campaign on blogs, fan sites, Twitter, Facebook, and more has brought Katie's story into the spotlight proving once and for all that Star Wars is for everyone.

It all started with a water bottle, a Star Wars bottle. It's Katie's favorite, but the other children at school made fun of her, insisting that Star Wars was "only for boys." Embarrassed, Katie told her mother she wanted to bring a pink one. But her mother wanted more answers. 

After uncovering the bullying, Carrie Goldman blogged about it and the story went viral.


About 1,200 people left messages for Katie. Readers were coming from Yates' blog, where more than 3,000 more comments stacked up. The story was linked on Star Wars message boards, parenting blogs, tech sites. A Twitter hashtag, #maytheforcebewithkatie was born.

According to CNN:

Guys and gals of all ages wrote about how they'd been bullied, and how life had gotten so much better since then. They shared that they loved "Star Wars," that they wore glasses, that they were adopted -- just like Luke, just like Leia, just like Katie. ThinkGeek, a nerdy online retailer, sent Katie a lightsaber. Artist Scott Zirkel sent a cartoon of Katie as a Jedi, glasses and all. A first-grade class in California sent letters to Katie as a show of support. Taber and the rest of the cast of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," sent "Star Wars" merch. Ashley Eckstein, who voices the female Jedi Ahsoka Tano, sent Her Universe clothes tailored for girls. Tom Kane, who voices Yoda, escorted the Goldmans to a screening near their home.

It's all incredible and today (December 10) Katie's school hosted Proud to Be Me Day where kids were encouraged to wear something representative of their interests, whatever those might be, and Katie will have her water bottle.

Of course, this isn't unlike the little boy who wanted to dress up like Daphne from Scooby-Doo for Halloween. Children -- and adults -- do have a very limited idea of what is socially acceptable for boys and girls.

But I am here to tell them, as a mother of a 4-year-old girl who is obsessed with Star Wars, they better back off! The bullies won't win this one. Because Star Wars is for everyone. I hear that familiar score and I'm ready to watch all six! Bring them on!

There is a princess for god's sake. But really, what about Star Wars makes it a boy story? Truth be told, I love Star Wars. And not just the girl characters. Sure, the action can get a little dull, but the main women -- Amidala and Princess Leia -- are awesome and kick ass. They blow any Disney princess (except Rapunzel) straight out of the water in terms of capability and intelligence. These are the role models I want for my daughter!

But it isn't just the female characters. The story itself is a quest story that appeals to both genders. It's a story of triumph, action, love, revenge, and anger. It also has Han Solo who is ridiculously sexy.

But seriously, can't we all just agree that some boys like Daphne from Scooby-Doo and some girls love Star Wars? Where are kids getting these ideas that one gender loves one thing and the other loves the other? It is crazy making.

All we can say is, may the force be with Katie. And with us all.

Does your child like something "off-gender"?


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