FBI Targets Video Barbie But Not Pregnant Barbie

VIDEO BARBIELittle girls love Video Barbie. It's Barbie! What's not to love? Kids can let Barbie record their actions straight from a big hole in her chest, and then watch their creations on the TV fixed to her back. And yes, you can download them to the big screen, too. But the Feds are onto her, and an official FBI memo went out alerting officials that the doll could be used to investigate child pornography and abuse cases.

Whoa whoa whoa ... let me get this straight. Mattel puts beginner-technology into the hands of our kids (without audio!), and now we're worrying about sex offenders? Wouldn't the same concerns happen after gifting their first digital camera? Why is Barbie being targeted? And why hasn't anyone said anything about pregnant Barbie? Check her out ...


Who wouldn't want their child to envy Barbie Happy Family Midge and Baby? The kicker here: The "birth" happens when your little one opens up the tummy to find a baby inside. I can just see it now: "Momma, did your tummy open just like this?!"

This should be cited by medical professionals saying it encourages c-sections.

But there's also poop Barbie ...


At first glance, Barbie and Tanner are sort of cute in a weird way. Barbie has a companion (and he's adorable) and your kid gets to learn about the importance of cleaning up after her best friend. Will animal services be called if she doesn't pick up the poop?

So back to Video Barbie -- and the real issue here. The FBI says the whole thing was blown out of proportion, that it was supposed to be an internal memo and not alarm the public. But if you release something with the words "child abuse" or "pedophile" or "predator" attached to it, of course people are going to get nervous. We're talking about a doll, a doll lots of kids love, with a video camera in it. If these dolls get in the hands of sickos, they can use them to film kids when they least expect it. And that's not good.

What do you think of these Barbies? What do you think of the FBI memo?

Image via marxello/Flickr

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