Should I Be Facebook Friends With My Kid's Teacher?

If you ever wondered if teachers and students should be Facebook friends, the answer is a big old hell no! Let me give it a different, more complicated twist. Should I be friends with my kid's teacher on Facebook? 

I think everyone would agree that unlike the kid thing, it's not shady. No one would frown on it. Unless you were maybe a lecherous dad friending some hecka-slammin' hottie of a second-grade teacher (that, of course, I wouldn't dream of doing).

This is nothing like that. I'm just looking for ways to get more involved with the kid's classroom experience. Me and the kid's arrivals are right at the bell, and I'm rarely the one who picks her up in the afternoon, so I don't get to do that daily teacher small talk that the good parents do. I just figure we'll be online friends, so me and he can bro down digitally. But then I had a bunch of reservations before hitting the send friend request button.

  • What if I see pics of him late-night partying on school nights? Am I going to feel a kinship or be pissed and wonder what I'm paying all this money for when he's going to be hungover at storytime the next morning? Yeah, my kid goes to public school. I'm talking tax money.
  • What if he bitches about the kids? Half the people on Facebook spend half their posts complaining about their shi**y jobs. I would if I was a teacher. But I think I'd be a bit peeved that my little angel wasn't making his day totally worth it.
  • What if I learn he's a horrible person? What if his 'likes' include Nazism or Josh Groban? Will I still want to trust the kid to his care? Will I be able to smile during parent-teacher conferences?
  • What if he's one of the millions on Facebook and the Internet in general who don't understand sarcasm? Half my posts are wondering about whether I should break my kid's trophies to teach her humility, or wondering how drunk it's okay to be while driving her to school in the morning. There is nothing you can see where somebody won't think you really mean it. If it's some idiot from high school, that's fine. But if it's your kid's clueless teacher, you could get a visit from the county. They really should teach understanding irony more in the schools if we're going to continue with this Internet thing.  
  • What if he tells my kid what I say about her? The other half of my posts, of course, are adorable pictures and quotes from my daughter that she has no idea I plan to make public. In some cases I've even promised I won't. Parents don't have to keep promises, right? But Mr. Teacher Man would probably totally rat me out, and tell my girl about the cute pictures he saw.   

Having listed all that, it's an easy call. Put the teacher on the to-be-avoided-on-Facebook pile. Along with bosses, FarmVille lovers, and your mom.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to friend your kid's teacher?

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