Stupid Teen Tricks (PHOTOS)

best mug shot everHave you seen this kid around the Internet yet? This is his mug shot. No, he's not going for the "I'm going to smile in my mug shot to show how much of a man I am" thing.

He just swallowed a bag of cocaine.

This teen may be headed to juvie, but he'll always remain on the world wide web as the best mug shot photo EVER.

Teenagers have always done stupid things. Who else is responsible for seeing how many people can be crammed into a phone booth or swallow a zillion goldfish? But today we have this long-lasting evidence keeper of the stupid called the world wide web, so you can never shake your youthful indiscretions. Thank god Al Gore didn't create this monster in the 1980s.

Here are some other teens that will regret the day the Internet was ever invented.


willow palin facebookWillow Palin

One of many Facebook users who cluelessly hit "Share" then regret it, Willow is now known as a homophobic, nasty teenager (and horrible speller) because of her attack on someone who was attacking someone. Yes, it's very much typical teenage behavior, but your mother is famous, and you did it in a public forum. Bummer for you, Willow.

New Moon Trailer Fanatics

It was a brilliant marketing trick that went viral of teens captured completely freaking out over every howl, sultry look, and, well, whatever was on that screen. Those kids are filled with too much excitement now to realize how embarrassing it is. But midway through college when someone uncovers it, they'll know. Except maybe this girl -- she may be a lifer.


This kid is not the first teen to shoot himself in the balls with a piantball gun, and he won't be the last. But he will always be search-able on YouTube.

Star Wars Kid

Reportedly, he's dealing with the trauma of being known as the fake lightsaber warrior. But that doesn't mean this video won't pop up at his bachelor party, his 30th birthday, his retirement ... sorry kid.


What did you do that you're thankful is not on the Internet?

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