6 Holiday Gifts for the Family Unit

kids cooking kitThe holiday is coming up fast, and if you're running out of time, there's one way to make your week a heckuva lot easier. Stop shopping for everyone. The family gift is just as good.

Whether you're a mom looking to get something all of your kids (and the hubs) can enjoy or an auntie stumped on what to buy for all those cute little nieces and nephews, here's the deal: the family unit gift is something all or at least most can use. It can be more expensive because it's one thing instead of many, but it doesn't have to be.

Better still, it will save you from rushing from store to store this week like a chicken with her head cut off. Try these family unit gifts on for size:


Playful Chef Kids Cooking Kit, $42.95 at Chocolate Cake Club

Think this is just a toy for the kids? Guess again. This gives the kids everything to be a big help in the kitchen, and the inspiration to get them there. One gift will pave the way for years of family memories. We call that an investment for the future.

giant art jar

Giant Art Jar, $22.95 at Fat Brain Toys

Kids love to craft, but the number one reason Mom and Dad say no is because they don't have time to round up all the supplies for each and every project. Not anymore. This giant jar of goodies will give the family an afternoon's worth of old-fashioned "together time."


Movies, prices vary

The true "reason for the season" is to sit down with family and enjoy one another, isn't it? So how about buying them something they can enjoy over and over again? The Stir tends to get review copies of a lot of family picks throughout the year, and we know there's a lot to choose from. But here are a few of our favorites from the year that we got a look at: Despicable Me