6 Holiday Gifts for the iKid

earbudsToday's kid is an iKid. They're plugged into their music, and there's nothing parents can do about it (and really, music is good for the soul, why would you want to do anything about it?). 

Fortunately, their love of the lyrical means holiday shopping is a breeze.

Check out these holiday gifts for the iKid on your list, and you'll be done shopping in no time:


Earbuds $14.96 and up at Skullcandy

They have the MP3 player, and you're not interested in buying them much more? Come on, Mom, it's Christmas. The earbuds packaged with those things are almost always uncomfortable. Give their precious ears a break with something softer. It will serve you well when you need to have a big talk with the significant other, and you just want them to stick those earbuds in and walk away!

Rock n record boombox

Rock 'N Record Boombox $149 at Pottery Barn Teen

I remember spending hours in front of the boombox making crappy mixes out of the songs recorded from the radio. The iKid has been denied the pleasure of sitting, finger over the record button, waiting for the DJ to just shut up already and play some music ... until now. This boombox promises to let them record straight from the radio into MP3 format, and it charges and plays their iPod. So it's not the mix tape of our teen years ... it's better.


iPlunge $5.99 at Perpetual Kid

The perfect stocking stuffer for the iKid, it's a low-tech stand they can use anywhere to prop up their iPod to watch their favorite downloaded TV shows or show off a photo slideshow to their friends. Prep the camera. The "what is this?" look on their face as they pull it out of the stocking will be good blackmail material.

LEGO MP3 Player

LEGO 2 GB MP3 Player $39.99 at Amazon

Is your kid itching to be an iKid but not quite old enough for the responsibility of the Apple expense? This MP3 player is just the right speed for kids who are still LEGO to the core but begging to be treated like they're older. It's considerably less expensive, but it's also just plain adorable.

iPod block dock

Boom Blocks Mini iPod Speaker Dock $12.95 at Land of Nod

Even when you've graduated to a real iPod, that pull of the LEGO is there. These little speakers have the look of their favorite bricks, but instead of kids playing with the blocks, it's the block that plays their favorite tunes.