8 Holiday Gifts for the Girl Who Loves Video Games

wiimote soapThe image of a teenage boy hiding in his bedroom playing video games is so last year. Girls love to game too, and shopping for the girl gamers is getting easier every year.

Look at it this way, Mom. If she's in her room in front of the Xbox or the Wii, at least you know where she is.

You should be able to find something for a girl of any age who loves video games with a list of their favorite games and some stocking stuffer goodies:


Wiimote, Mountain Dew Scented Soaps $9.50 at Digital Soaps

It will be a snap to tear her away from the Wii for bath time when she's got soap that's shaped like her favorite game console controller. But watch her closely, a Mountain Dew scent may make her want to take a bite!

Disney Epic Mickey

Disney Epic Mickey $49.99 at Amazon

Just released this week, pre-orders for this Wii game lit up Amazon thanks to kids begging for the action game that's part art project, part adventure. With big awards from IGN, if you're only getting her one game this holiday, this is the one to buy.

Just Dance 2

Just Dance 2 $37.99 at Amazon

If your girl needs to let loose this holiday and have some fun, tell her to Just Dance. An update on the original, this version for the Wii has songs from Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, and a string of other teen favorites so they can practice their dance routines and get a workout at the same time. If only we'd thought of that excuse when we hid in our bedroom dancing to Paula and Madonna.

Nickelodeon Wii Fit

Nickelodeon Wii Fit $36.54 at Amazon

Getting the family moving has been the big selling point for the Wii, but the littlest gamers have been left in the dark until now. The Stir got a look at a review copy of Nickelodeon Fit and found the tasks challenging for a 5-year-old, pegging the age range for the game at 5 or older. That also puts this firmly in the girl gamer range -- the 5- and 6-year-old boys we asked had moved out of Dora and Diego territory but the girls were still happy to hula hoop with Dora and hurdle with Kai-Lan.

little star studsLittle Star Studs $8 at Komodokat

You have to search long and hard to capture a star in Super Mario brothers, but little girls with pierced ears can carry the prizes everywhere they go!


Glee Karaoke RevolutionnKaraoke Revolution Glee $57.54 at Amazon

Their school may not have a glee club -- or they may just have the pipes to apply -- but your gleek can sing alongside their favorites from the show at home. A microphone is included in the Wii game box, so cancel the DJ for the holiday party. They can immediately begin supplying your holiday entertainment.

Hello Kitty DS KitHello Kitty 10-in-1 Gaming Kit for DSL/DSi $19.99 at Cookie's Kids

You can feel safe letting her take her DS to the next sleepover when it's decked out with her favorite cool cat. She's not letting that thing out of her sight. The kit makes for good holiday traveling too -- it has a car charger and earphones to turn the volume off so you can concentrate on the road.


Disney TangledDisney Tangled $28.99 at Amazon

The season's hot movie for the Disney set won't hit DVD until next year, but she can re-live the theater moments on her Nintendo DS with a game that puts them in charge of Rapunzel and her powerful hair. Would you rather she sat in front of her mirror brushing her locks or acting like a real princess and having fun?

What games are on your girl's list?

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