Lesson Six: Drugs, Addiction, and Brutally Murdered Fairies

Being a Mom 115

Last week my daughter came home from kindergarten wearing a large sticker proclaiming “Hugs! Not drugs.”  I asked her what the sticker meant and she explained that she's now a member of D.A.R.E and that if people try to sell you drugs you should say, “No, thank you” and hug them.   And while I appreciate the sentiment, I can’t help but thinking that snuggling with rejected drug dealers might not be the safest move for a kindergartner.  I asked my daughter if she even knew what drugs were and she admitted that she wasn’t really paying attention but she thought they were “like bears, only smaller.”  I think the point here is that the D.A.R.E. system is fundamentally flawed and that my child might need Ritalin. 

Regardless, it is disconcerting that the information our children get about drugs is often wrong or lacking and it leaves them ill-equipped to make rational decisions about whether or not to do drugs and so I’ve created a small outline of the most popular drugs and their effects that you can share with your children.  You’re welcome.

Remember, knowledge is power. 

  1. Cocaine.  Cocaine will get you really high but can be quite expensive.  It’s a white powdery substance made from the bones of crushed, tortured baby kittens.  Snorting cocaine is like eating tuna made of murdered dolphins except worse because dolphins can’t hide in your shoes and end up on funny Internet videos.  Cocaine is snorted through the nose, exactly like that weird kid in your class who snorts his milk through his nose and who no one likes to sit next to at lunch.  So yeah.  It’s that sexy.
  2. Crack.  Crack is just like cocaine except cheaper because it’s made out of kittens who died from contagious diseases.  Unfortunately all the money you save buying crack will end up going toward medication though because crack causes herpes. Crack herpes.  Some people will try to tell you that crack herpes isn’t as bad as regular herpes and they’re right.  Because it’s worse.
  3. Heroin.  Heroin is one of the worst drugs around because it’s impossible to spell.  It makes you really skinny and vaguely hot but sometime between the 1st and the 28th time you use it your genitals will fall right off.  True story.
  4. Marijuana.   Marijuana is considered one of the least harmful drugs but it’s still something that should be avoided because it’s a gateway drug.  It’s called a “gateway drug” because every time you smoke it the gateway to fairyland opens and a fairy is decapitated.  Your fairy.  And I know right now you’re probably thinking, “But I don’t even have a fairy” and that’s because when a fairy is murdered, all of the memories of that fairy are erased from the world and are replaced with unnecessary, mandatory algebra classes.  If you have no memory of ever having a fairy and you’ve never done drugs, then it’s probably the result of second-hand smoke.  This is why it’s important to stop your friends from doing marijuana.  When you see a classmate lighting up, you should immediately stop them and explain that they are murdering fairies and inventing math classes and most likely they will stop immediately or at least stop hassling you to join in since you’re obviously on much better drugs than they are.  Everyone wins.  Except for all the fairies that you murdered.
  5. PCP.  PCP is more commonly called “fairy dust” because it’s made of the remains of decapitated fairies, you sick, sick bastard.

In conclusion, drugs are bad and if you use them your genitals will fall off and then we all end up having to take more math classes because of all the fairies you murdered.  Also you should really never hug drug dealers because it's a bad idea to lean against people who carry dirty needles and also because crack herpes is highly contagious. 

This is all just basic common sense, people.  

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lovin... lovinangels

"mom...mom...what's so funny...,mom!!!!"

Your next lesson needs to be how to explain to your preteen what you're reading when I'm reading your blog...I'm not telling her cocaine is made from dead kittens. Well, I might do that, but then, why would I be laughing?

baby1... baby1love

LMFAO that's too funny!! Great blog!!!sidesplittinglaughter

popta... poptart0325

lmao. Love this! Will have to share with DH.

Freela Freela

LMAO!!!  I also love the 'drugs are like bears, only smaller' comment from your child.  Kids crack me up!

It's great the schools are trying to educate kids about drugs early on... but when my first grader yelled at me for taking an Advil, I started thinking there is something a little lacking in the message they are giving them!

Suzanne Moore

We have the same issue, our ADHD daughter has refused to take her meds after the program has stopped at her school. More then once. We have to keep telling her there is a difference between bad drugs and good drugs.

Lynn Procton MacDonald

Hahaha...my kids are way older but this is hilarious. As someone who actually did a LOT of drugs myself, I now realize that i was a mass kitten murderer and a huge fairie killer. Of course, the fact that tons of 5 year olds were trying to hug me is what drove me to drugs in the first place.

nonmember avatar Suebob

I'm glad to see that SOMEONE is giving out factual, scientific information!

Milaya2 Milaya2


Carolyn Wiley Kochek

Thank you for the most awesome laugh of the night, but now I have cried so hard on my keyboard that it has shorted out and I had to borrow my hubs cheap-O keyboard where the "H" and the "S" don't work - 2 of my favorite letters.

BTW, did you happen to be doing LSD while writing this?

Just wondering.

Krist... KristeenieB

I loved this! It was too freakin funny! I even shared it with my hubby who thought it was super funny too! 

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