10 Holiday Gifts For The Trend Setting Kid

top ten it toys 2010If your child steals the Toys 'R' Us circular from other people's driveways, you may have a trend setting kid. There's no way around this one, he knows what he wants, and what he wants is what everyone else is going to want in about five minutes.

Lucky for you, we've sorted out the must-have toys from the so-so, and have included links where you can buy them online. But hurry, because it's the biggest shopping day of the year, yes?

Move over Zhu Zhu (although, actually those are still quite popular this year), there's some new kids in town!

Here are the top 10 "it" toys for 2010:


Stinky the Garbage Truck $49.99 from Toys 'R' Us

He may not look like much, but Stinky is the word on every kid's lips when she talks to Santa or Hanukkah Harry. And this interactive garbage truck will talk back to your kids. Hopefully saying such things as, "Please take out the trash when your mother asks." While that's not likely, the matchbox toy will delight the boys and girls who will be getting their first Transformer-esque stinky truck this holiday.

top ten it toys 2010Sing-A-Ma-Jigs $9.49 from Toys 'R' Us

These weird singing dolls come in a variety of colors, tones and songs. But put them all together and you've got a harmonizing gang of Ma-Jigs! You can bet your entire family will be grabbing one and pressing its belly furiously after all the gifts have been unwrapped. You can even Sing-A-Ma-Jig yourself at the Toys 'R' Us Facebook app for add-on fun.

top ten it toys 2010Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides $36.99 from Amazon

These remote control, transformer, collectibles are not your father's Hot Wheels. Although the older crowd are going to want to take the Stealth Rides for a spin as well. The car actually flattens so it can slip into the case, and slide into your pocket (hence, the stealth). And the carrying case acts as the remote control. Very cool.

top ten it toys 2010FurReal Friends Frenzies $26.49 from Amazon

Yes, it's very Zhu Zhu, but the city is a little more flashy, and the animals you purchase separately are not hamsters. Just think, you can teach your kids that hedgehogs and raccoons can live together in harmony. How very Christmas-y.

top ten it toys 2010Justin Bieber Singing Doll $53.15 from Amazon

This is the doll your kid will treasure now, and in 10 years when you ship all of her stuff to her first apartment. The next best thing to having the Biebs give you a private concert, the dolls come dressed exactly as how he appeared in hit music videos. The dolls don't hit stores until December 1st, but you can pre-order on Amazon -- making the wait that much sweeter.

top ten it toys 2010Squinkies Surprise Bake Shop $19.99 from Amazon

Open up the squinkie cupcake and there's a whole world waiting for your kiddo. You get nine cute squinkie characters with the bake shop, along with furnishings for the tiny ones to rest and socialize.

top ten it toys 2010Disney Princess & Me $49.99 from Toys 'R' Us

Less expensive than the American Girl Doll, Disney is looking to get your princess-loving kids hooked on a new collectible. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this will be no problem whatsoever.

top ten it toys 2010Loopz $43.99 from Amazon

An updated take on Dance, Dance Revolution, Loopz flashes lights and tests your rhythmic skills. For one player or up to four, this dance game will be a huge hit post-stuffing your face with holiday goodies. Bonus -- it looks cool in your family room.

top ten it toys 2010Calico Critters Country Cottage Playset $49.99 from Toys 'R' Us

The kids in our neighborhood are going nutso over this animal-friendly doll house where the rabbits look suspiciously like Max & Ruby. There are a million add-ons for the doll house, so this could be one of those toys that your kid gets a piece of for every holiday. Easy shopping for Grandma!

top ten it toys 2010Iron Man Walking R/C Robot $40.78 from Amazon

If you've got a fan of Iron Man in your house, this remote control walking robot will be the ultimate holiday gift. The remote control not only allows you to send Iron Man over to your little sister's doll house, but to fire missiles at will. You WILL be Iron Man.

Are you getting any of these must-have gifts for your kids?

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