Kids Thanksgiving Craft: A Keep Them Busy Keepsake

thanksgiving craft give thanks paper quiltHere's a great Thanksgiving craft project for kids that will keep them out of your hair while you prepare for the big day.

This paper quilt is not only adorable but will urge your kids to practice a little gratitude while simultaneously busying them. Got multiple children? No problem. This project offers independent and artful fun for everyone. Plus, you'll end up with a lovely keepsake for years to come.

How awesome is that?


This Give Thanks Paper Quilt from Amy at Let's Explore is good pre-Thanksgiving day fun, and it's simple, too. All you need are art supplies like colored pens or watercolor paints, cardstock, scrapbook paper scraps, and a blank canvas or any other kind of board you like.

Not only is this craft project fun for kids, but it could also be a great family craft project. Send out squares prior to Thanksgiving (if you're really organized) or provide them to guests as they arrive on the holiday and have everyone decorate their own square -- with words or drawings, as they wish.

Put older kids to task gluing the personalized squares onto the board while the turkey is in the oven and the adults are chatting. After dinner but before pumpkin pie, have everyone talk about their unique square and what they're thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Even better, next year, you'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving decoration all ready to go. Hang this memory-full paper quilt for many Thanksgivings to come.

For more photos and the complete project how-to and more, visit the post on Let's Explore.

How do you keep your kids out of your hair while you make Thanksgiving dinner?


Image via Let's Explore

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