8 Holiday Gifts for the 'Twilight' Obsessed Kid

Twilight Band AidsWe've all got our crosses to bear in life. A kid who is obsessed with Twilight is nothing compared to the kid who wouldn't wear anything but a pirate costume for two years.

So you might be crafting a list of better reads for them, but at least the societal Twilight mania will make shopping for your little vampire wannabe a snap this year. Take a bite out of their wish list with some Twilight gift picks.


Twilight Eclipse Edward Bandages $6.99 at Hot Topic

He won't be around to bandage her broken heart when she comes to grips with the fact that her boyfriend will never sparkle, but Edward Cullen will never let her down. Even if it's just because she can now profess she's Team Edward every time she gets a boo boo (or, you know, by plastering these across her notebooks like teens tend to do).

Twilight in Forks

Twilight in Forks: Saga of a Real Town on DVD $11.99 at Amazon.

Inject a little education into the obsession. The documentary reveals how Stephenie Meyer's books and the success of the film series have affected the real town of Forks, Washington and the real Quileutes -- upon which Jacob Black and the band of werewolves are based.

Twilight Scene It

Scene It? The Twilight Saga $28.90 at Amazon

This game isn't for the casual reader. The board game with a DVD that will elicit the same tween girl shrieks (both Jacob and Edward make appearances) requires you to really know your vampire lore. In other words, Mom, time to brush up on your stuff if you want to keep up with the slumber party set.

Team Jacob cut out

Twilight Stand Ups $34.99 at AllPosters.com

Your tween won't be inviting any boys into her room when she's got her own life-size cut out of Jacob or Edward perched in the corner. And that can never be a bad thing, can it? At this price, you can even get a second one for you, Mom.

vampire keychainVampire Chauffeur Keychain $14.95 at Risky Beads

Your teen driver could always use a little reminder that she shouldn't drive like a vampire. Keep her going Bella speed with a keychain version of the Twilight heroine's truck and a dog tag that hints she may one day find her vampire chauffeur.

Twilight Converse

Handpainted Twilight Chuck Taylors $95 at Custom Chucks

Alice Cullen would approve of the retro style of a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors carefully detailed with their favorite Twilight book cover. She's already walking with her nose stuck in the novels, but now she can land her feet in there too.

Fangs Necklace

Fangs Necklace $19 at Cute and Fun

Get a glimpse of that sparkling smile on the holiday morning with a necklace that we dare say will elicit a thanks (or is that fangs?) from even the surliest teen. The antiqued pewter vampire teeth is sized so they can put it between the lips and pull off their best Cullen grin.

Twilight Nail Polish

Nox Twilight Nail Polish $6.99 at Twilight Beauty

Finish up the shopping spree with a bottle of nail polish in colors inspired by the Cullen clan. Choose from their favorites: black for skulking around like a werewolf or a pretty pink for playing Alice Cullen.

Will you buy these for the kids or will you be indulging in your own Twilight fix?

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