7 Reasons Mall Santas Are Scary (Video)


Mall Santas can be a mixed bag.

There is a mall near my house where the Santa has a real beard (!) and belly and clearly lives the part all yearlong. He is professional and the photos come out great. He is a good one.

Ninety percent of the other ones? Are scary. Like this mall Santa. Ever seen the movie Bad Santa? This guy makes Billy Bob Thornton look positively nice. 

Here's the thing: He is a guy in a red suit, wearing a sweaty fake beard who gets paid to hold our children.

It's creepy and if he were dressed as anything but that jolly guy we all love, you would agree. If he were a clown, for instance? He'd be banned from the mall!

Here is a video showing all scared moms' worst mall Santa fears:

Here are 7 reasons (beyond public drunkenness) to skip the mall Santa:

  1. He costs too much: Seriously, $10 to sit on Santa's lap? And then $35 for the CD? No thanks!
  2. He is creepy: See above reasons.
  3. There is a line: An hour to see Santa while being kicked by random children isn't holiday spirit, it's public torture.
  4. He scares kids: How many screaming toddlers have you seen on Santa's lap? 'Nuff said.
  5. He is germy: How many snotty kids have sat on his lap? Do you want your kids getting those germs?
  6. He encourages the "gimmes": Did your kid have a list of 50 things he wanted before Santa? Nope? Skip him!
  7. He flirts with the elves: I made this one up. But he probably does.

OK, so I'm totally taking my kids to see the good mall Santa. If you still want the photos, I suggest finding a good one, too.

Are you taking your kids to see Santa?



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Nope- My husband is Jewish and that is the religion I chose to raise them. Granted I do still do Christmas coz I love decorating a tree and gingerbread houses!  but I do not tell about Santa or really do too much Christmassy stuff other then the tree gingerbread houses and a few small presents from mom and dad.  My kids are 1 and 2 now- but I am worried about them telling kids that "Santa's not real!" when the are older lol.

PonyC... PonyChaser

My secret?  I avoid the mall altogether (helpful, since the closest one is an hour away).  Our town has a couple of Old-Folks homes that host parties for kids.  Santa and the Mrs. visit, the kids get to sit with both, the pics are free, the kids and the old folks sit together and talk, eat homemade cookies, and generally just have a really good time for a while.  And the entire thing is FREE.

I highly recommend it for every town.  It's such a sweet thing to see the kids and the elderly sitting together and laughing.  It's not about Santa, although he's there... it's about Christmas, and one of the real "reasons for the season".

ocmom... ocmommy2two

I refuse to get my daughter's picture taken with "Santa." After hearing about a man who was a mall Santa by day, and a pedophile by night, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Just2... Just2busymom

That video was disturbing.  I have never had a problem with a mall Santa, luckily.  We didn't get pictures done last year.  Santa was out to lunch in our small town mall the day we were out and about.  So just decided to forget about it.  No biggie for us if it doesn't happen.

moder... modernmom2010

Sorry, but that video made me LMAO!!

It's more fun to have a family member dress up like Santa and talk to the kids, my kid is scared to death of mall Santas, Bunnies, etc. and rightly so. lol

hotic... hoticedcoffee

My kids don't sit on the laps of strange men.

I bet you're talking about the Burlington Mall Santa - that dude rocks - but still, stange man's lap, no can do.

onecu... onecuteladybug2

My uncle dresses as Santa and he, my aunt, grandmother, daughter, and either DH or I, visit Veterans at the VA Hospital every year. We make it a point to meet him with my son afterward every year.

nonmember avatar Mel

I have an 11 year old son. He has never sat on santa's lap. Twice I think when he REALLY insisted we stood in line.. he got about 15 ft from santa and decided he wasn't going to talk to santa. that being said I have seen countless parents drag their poor kids up there after waiting in line. child kicking and screaming. My advice is, if your child is spooked by this, there's prob a really valid reason.

molly... mollymae09

My brother used to be a very large guy (at 6 foot even and 420 lbs) so he would always dress up as Santa for your younger cousins. I was going to have him be Santa for my son...but he lost 220 lbs. Now IDK who I could get to be santa...Maybe my dad but he has a black beard...lol

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