15 Kids Rain Boots: Cause Puddle Stomping Is Irresistible

dinosaur rain bootsIt's puddle-stomping season, and no mom wants to deal with wet rain-soaked shoes, wet rain-soaked socks, or the wet rain-soaked socks you find shoved behind the dresser three months later. You know what I'm sayin'?

It's time to invest in some water-resistant rubber rain boots to keep your kids' feet dry -- yep, even those tweens and teens find puddle stomping irresistible. Plus, the older girls find the tall ones to be rather stylish. Rubber boots also come in handy in the garden year-round and on family trips to the sandy beach, too. Of course, the very best variety is available during the rainy season, meaning now!

We've put together a list of 15 kids rain boot styles -- from plain to patterned to ROWR dinosaurs -- at a full range of prices and for all ages of big kids.


15 Kids Rain Boot Styles (priced low to high)

cupcake rain boots


Gabriella Rocha Kids Cupcake Rain Boots (were $39.95; now $13.60) at 6pm

skulls rain boots black

Cherokee Uwen Skulls Rain Boots ($19.99) at Target

rainbow pink rain bootsCherokee Unai Rainbow Stripe Rain Boots ($19.99) at Target

plaid rain boots Bo Plaid Rainboots by Coco BonBons ($20) at Pure & Honest Kids

rain boots silver

Splishsplash Boot ($24.50) at The Children's Place

dinosaur rain boots

Dinosaur Boots ($29) at Chasing Fireflies

western chief rain boot yellow

Deluxe Firechief Boot ($30) at Western Chief

kamik kids slosh boots

Kamik Kids Slosh Boot ($31) at Zappos

hatley birds flowers rain boots

Birds and Flowers Kids' Rain Boots ($35.99) at Hatley

creepy bugs rain boots

Creepy Bugs Kids' Rain Boots ($35.99) at Hatley

jolly vinter rubber boots tretornJolly Vinter Rubber Boots ($45) at Tretorn

orange keen rain boots

Coronado Rain Boot ($55) at Keen

brindle brown keen rain bootsCoronado Rain Boot ($55) at Keen

bogs rain boots kids

Bogs Classic High-Insulated Rain Boots ($59.95) at REI

lilac hunter boots kids

Hunter 'Original' Rain Boot ($60-$75) at Nordstrom

Do your kids like to wear rain boots?

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