'Teen Mom' Amber Should Be Punished

Amber teen mom arrested
Amber & Gary In Better Times
Teen Mom
Amber Portwood
is one of those reality TV stars you love to hate. That is, if you weren't so busy feeling sorry for a teenager who got knocked up and now has a sweet baby she's surely transforming into an insecure toddler.

Now it seems the reality star may have to face more than anti-Amber fan clubs. Police in Indiana have subpoenaed MTV to hand over unedited footage of Amber and Gary's brawls. Following a particularly ugly fight where Amber began to hit and push Gary (the big guy never fought back, lucky for him), it looks like a domestic violence case may be developing against Amber.

It's about time.


Angry, violent parents destroy a child's self-esteem and sense of security. Poor baby Leah is the brunt of this mess (and she's also been on the receiving end of pity since this show began -- how many times have you said, "Poor baby Leah"?).

It's all really ugly. Brash, volatile, irrational -- we've witnessed the Amber and Gary drama over, and over, and over again, always thinking, "Enough!"

If watching herself behave like a maniac on television isn't enough to make Amber get some help with her serious emotional problems, perhaps the threat of jail time will.

Most likely, Amber was exposed to this same scenario while she was growing up, and it's what she knows. But she's just creating another disturbed human being if her behavior goes unchecked and unpunished. Hitting Gary may be the thing that lands her in hot water, but creating a hostile home environment for her child should be punishable by law as well.

It's too bad her own parents won't be under scrutiny for Amber's behavior too.

Do you think Amber should go to jail for domestic violence?

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