CMA Awards: Safe for Kids, Enjoyable for You

CMA AwardsEven if you're not a fan of country music, you have to admit that the lyrics are much tamer than the likes of those that play on the Top 40 Countdown (Eminem vs. Carrie Underwood -- questions, anyone?).

The same holds true for the awards shows that they put on. While country stars are stomping in their cowboy boots during the CMAs, Adam Lambert grinds his crotch in his dancers' faces.

Dear Lord, please let my future kids be country music fans.


Awards shows, whether they mean to or not, have become more about what happens before, between, and after giving out the awards than the actual winners themselves. All shocking, yes, but not exactly family-friendly: Miley Cyrus's pole-dancing performance at the Teen Choice Awards in '09, Chris Brown beating Rihanna before the Grammys, and anyone remember that Britney/Madonna/sort-of Christina kiss at the VMAs?

What do we usually talk about the next day after the CMAs or the ACM Awards? The big winners of the night, right? Heaven forbid that be the topic of discussion following an awards show.

The most risque thing about the CMAs is the naughty thoughts I have when they scan over Dierks Bentley sitting in the audience. (Seriously, can you blame me? The man is perfection.)

The country music awards still manage to entertain while being family-friendly, free of F-bomb bleeping. A feat, I suppose, that's extremely difficult nowadays.

Does your family plan on watching the CMAs tonight?

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