7 Unconventional Ways to Make Sick Kids Feel Better

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sick childIf sitting at home with a sick kid during the holidays isn't your idea of fun, think about life for the poor child. 'Tis the season of plays at school and parties in town, and they're stuck on the couch with the cold or the flu?

You could pull out the humidifier and do all the "right" things. Yawn ... or you could be the coolest Mom ever and really make them feel better while they're fighting off the germs.

Which do you think will get you the coolest handmade present this holiday? Yeah, that's what we thought too:

Ideas for Sick Child

Arrange their food in a smile. If they're having a hard time keeping food down, or the doctor has recommended they stick to bland eats, the least you can do is liven things up a bit. Arrange those dry Cheerios into a smiley face, and throw a paper parasol in that flat ginger ale.

Let them watch their favorite TV shows. Proving mind over matter can make all the difference in their recovery, distracting your kids from their coughing fits with their favorite TV shows can make the sick time fly by. Besides, what's better when your belly aches than some belly laughs?

Pull out the craft table. They're taking an inordinate amount of baths trying to bring down that temperature, so why not let them get good and messy? Pull out the puffy paints and let them decorate a "I Survived 3 Days at Home" t-shirt, or let them make "presents" for their best buddies for the holidays with pipe cleaners and stickers.

Pitch a tent in the living room/den and camp out. You're going to be up all night with them anyway, you might as well give it the illusion of fun.

Read to them. It doesn't matter that they're old enough to do it themselves. They're adding "read to me" capabilities to today's e-book readers because people love to be read to. And that goes double for kids whose eyes are filled with mucusy goo because they're sick. Whether it's Captain Underpants or Ladybug Girl, just suck it up and do it.

Let them sleep with the dog. They can't get any more germy than when they're sick. So unless they've got a dander issue that will disrupt their breathing, give them the ultimate cuddly friend for bedtime. Repeat this mantra: I will have to change the sheets anyway.

Write on their back. A back rub always feels good, but when they're feeling punky, it can be too much. Instead, let them lie on their belly and "write" letters on their back with your pointer finger, letting them guess what you've written. First on the list? "I Love You."

How do you play supermom when the kids are sick?


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mommy... mommyof2nyc

My mom always made me "milk toast" when I was home sick... pieces of toast floating in warm milk - sounds gross but it was what I looked forward to when I knew I was home sick and miserable from school... today, I continue the tradition with my children!

momof... momoflilangel

I always give extra love during illnesses. Thanks for the tips

ethan... ethans_momma06

As a former sick child I always loved a day watching t.v.

frysh... fryshannon34

I do all of these things and also just snuggle with them all day

Peajewel Peajewel

We actually camp out in the living room and I let her stay up late and even watch Nick Jr.  (she loves The Upside Down Show but I can only find it late at night).  We always read but she does seem to like it more.  She also likes to have toast & tea as well.

Carey... Carey2006

Extra TLC......let him lay around on the couch...and hold him, give him extra love

tazdvl tazdvl

Watch TV, movies and do crafts.

Guy Ottenmiller

allow them to play video games. Helps them take their minds off of being sick and have some fun while recovering.

itsna... itsnatagain

Right now it's extra long hugs & kisses. Lots of cuddles & rocking. patting of back & stroking of head

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