Bristol Palin Controls 'Teen Moms' & Other Shocking Powers

bristol palin teen momsAs if dominating the Dancing With the Stars gossip this season wasn't enough, Bristol Palin is angling for more control on the set of the hit show.

Palin has reportedly banned any of the Teen Mom stars from being on the set of DWTS. WTF?

Whether Palin wants to be the only famous teen mom or she wants everyone to forget she's also a teen mom (although now, technically, 20), the lady does not want Maci, Farrah, or Amber anywhere near the stage, including in the audience.

Assuming we don't see any of these young ladies in the crowd between now and Palin's eventual elimination, we will know that the Palin power is awesome.

Don't believe me? See what else Bristol Palin has accomplished with her magical powers (and little else).

  • She pulls in $14K for a speech. Who knew words from a high school dropout would be worth so much dough? It must be The Power of Palin!
  • A non-action inspires Meghan McCain to slam her on a national comedy show. That's power. (Besides, any press is good press for the Palin machine!)
  • She gets her ex-boyfriend to propose -- in the tabloids! The Power strikes again!

Behold, the power of Bristol Palin!


Image via ABC

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