What Should Charlie Sheen Tell His Kids?

Denise RichardsParents are supposed to be the role-models, the squeaky clean duo that kids can look up to and aim to follow in their footsteps. But what happens when daddy is a drunk or mommy's a coke addict?

That's Denise Richards' biggest fear. As the ex-wife and mother of Charlie Sheen's two daughters, she's so far been able to keep her kids in the dark when it comes to their father's drunken hotel rampages, assault charges, and drug abuse. Key words being so far. They are only 6 and 5 years old, after all. Not yet surfing the web or tuning in to celebrity news on E!. Ultimately, they will find out the kind of person their father is.


"Denise knows the girls are going to go through hell when they get old enough to understand all the ugliness," the source told Us Weekly. "[But] despite everything she'd been through with him, he is their father."

When Charlie isn't going on binging streaks and mounting hookers, he's seemingly a good father -- I wouldn't expect Denise to allow him around the kids if he wasn't. Though she has full custody of the girls, he still has visitation rights and was enjoying a nice family outing earlier on that fateful night of his recent, er, incident. Not to mention, he's currently battling to get joint custody of his twins with ex Brooke Mueller (pfft, like that's gonna happen). With him striving to have an active role in their lives, it makes the whole situation much more complicated. Daddy isn't going to just disappear, and, ultimately, the kids will be faced with learning about their father's lifestyle choices.

Unfortunately, there's just no easy way to deal with this. The girls need their father, but Charlie needs to be a father. You would think the disappointed looks from his children would be enough motivation to stay clean. How exactly do you break it to your kids that you're a "bad person"?

All that both he and Denise can do is shower them with love when their innocent eyes are finally exposed to their not-so-perfect world, and pray that they're at an age that they can somewhat understand the control drug and alcohol addiction has on a body.

What do you think? How would you handle it if the father had substance abuse problems but still maintained an active role in your kids' lives? How would you break it to your kids?   


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