3 Smart Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Older Kids

Photos from Kaboose.com
Toddlers aren't the only ones who love doing Thanksgiving craft projects. Older kids can also get in on the fun with these three projects that are low maintenance and high reward.

This tin can turkey project from Kaboose makes for a great placeholder at the table and can be filled with little candies or trinkets that guests can bring home after the meal.

All it takes to make it? Some felt, a few old tin cans, a hot glue gun, scissors, and some imagination.

Here are a couple more:


Photo from Parents

If you want your kids to remember what the holiday is all about, try this gratitude turkey from Parents.com. Children write what they are grateful for on slips of paper, which make up the turkey "feathers," which are stuck into the tail of a turkey made of two polystyrene balls wrapped with yarn.

Keep the true nature of the holiday in mind and have fun doing it.

Photo from Parents

This one from Parents allows you to make a whole Thanksgiving diorama and can be a fun way to spend the afternoon before the holiday or even the day of. Teepees are made of small paper plates painted with interesting designs, and houses are empty pint-size milk or creamer cartons.

This is also a good way to discuss the history of the holiday with older children who may be able to understand a bit of it. It also makes a unique and pretty adorable centerpiece.

What crafts will you be making with your older children?

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