14-Year-Old Survives Plane Ride ... Outside

A child who has the moxie to run away from an orphanage, stow away in the landing gear of an airplane, and still survive the ordeal is a kid I would like to know.

The 14-year-old ward of the state has survived the hour-long flight all while hiding inside the landing gear bay of an AN-24 airplane. This is a trick others have tried and failed, but this kid somehow survived. He had escaped from an orphanage in a Siberian village.

The authorities who found him reported that the boy suffered from hypothermia and hypoxia. They also said that he had fled from the orphanage, located 300 km (186 miles) from Kirensk, along with his friend after robbing a local grocery store. The two headed to the airport, where one of the boys hid inside the landing gear housing of an airplane, which took off, much to his surprise.

OK, so he's a thief and that's bad. But he's also a boy who was in an orphanage, let's cut him some slack. Can you imagine what a Russian orphanage is like?


Sadly, the boy is being returned to the orphanage from which he fled, but hopefully someone will read the story and be impressed.

The raw materials are there to turn this kid into something great. He has courage, survival instinct, and physical prowess, right? He could be a future CEO or politician.

It's interesting how good qualities can be used for good or evil depending on the outside circumstances. If this child had been raised by parents who cared for him and offered him opportunity, there seems to be no limit to what he could do.

It takes guts and creativity and quick-thinking to do what he did. Hopefully he will find better ways to use those gifts in the future.

Do you think this kid is awesome, too?

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