Is It Cool to Take the Kids to Vote?

kids voteUnless you've been living under a rock for the past several months, oblivious to the witch candidate and a Democrat who croons during interviews (amongst many other entertaining characters), you know that today is mid-term Election Day.

Though the thought of standing in line and trying to cast an educated vote with a child in tow may sound like a bigger challenge than winning an election, it's actually a great experience for kids to see how this whole democracy thing they keep hearing about in their Social Studies class works.


My mother always took me with her to the voting polls, held at the local elementary school (which worked out well, as she could just drop me off at my classroom afterward). I'd hold her hand while we went behind the curtain (ooo we're hiding!) and watch her as she pushed those magic buttons. And, no, from what she tells me, I was an angel and refrained from going push happy.

Though I'm sure I was more excited about receiving an I Voted sticker at the end, she did instill in me the importance of letting your voice be heard and consistently reminded me so up until my 18th birthday when my birthday card held a voter's registration packet inside.

For that, I am grateful. I may not be a die-hard political individual, but receiving that experience at an early age made me realize that it was a much more than just Democrats vs. Republicans -- that it was a privilege we should all take advantage of as citizens of this country.

Now take your kids and go vote!

If you've already voted, did you bring the kids along? If not, do you plan to?


Image via TeamStickerGiant/Flickr

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