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Today we welcome Joslyn Taylor of the blog Simple Lovely, who shares her family's merry autumn family tradition, as part of our "On This Fall Day" series.

Each day, a new blogger is sharing a single fall day in photos + words here on The Stir. Follow along with our series to catch small, beautiful glimpses of the fun autumn activities other families are enjoying around the country and beyond.


On this fall day, Joslyn and her family head to the Texas State Fair for wild fun and eats:

For our family, the beginning of autumn is synonymous with our annual visit to the state fair of Texas. In fact, you might say we have a bit of a love affair with the fair .... However, it’s a passion tempered with great planning. 

We map our trip with the precision of a general going into battle, strategizing weeks in advance of our actual visit. We ponder what attractions we’ll see, what we’ll ride, what we’ll eat (truth be told, mostly we’re dreaming of what we’ll eat). This is one time that we throw all nutritional caution to the wind and let the girlies nosh on cotton candy and pineapple whip and little brown paper bags of saltwater taffy. We ride every roller coaster, sample crazy fried concoctions, pet all the baby farm animals, and amass fistfuls of cheap stuffed toys.

We come home tired and overstuffed and a bit worse for the wear ... but we’re already dreaming of next year’s trip.

girls ride carnival state fair

girls umbrellas fair

Joslyn, what a wonderful autumn tradition. Looks and sounds like loads of delicious family fun.

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What are your family's favorite fall activities?


Images via Joslyn Taylor


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