Kid Given Detention for Being an 11-Year-Old Boy

kid detention for farting
Don't Fart On Me
Riding on a school bus just got a heck of a lot tougher for Ohio tweens. After farting on the bus, one 11-year-old rider was sent straight to detention. The school bus driver felt the kid was doing it for laughs, since the farting was, in fact, followed by gales of pre-teen laughter. Imagine that!

The smeller that was the feller was Christian Summers of Cleveland, Ohio. Naturally, he thinks it was unfair. After all, "it was an accident."

You know, I don't like anyone smelling up an enclosed space anymore than the next gal, but farting is practically an art form for a pre-teen. It may be obnoxious, rank, offensive to other's senses -- but pretty run-of-the-mill. In fact, if the kids on the bus weren't laughing about the crop-dusting coming from Summers, I'd be more inclined to send them to the principal's office to be checked for depression.

So why was the bus driver so peeved?


Along with his detention slip, the driver wrote that Christian's biggest offense was that he “thinks it’s funny to pass gas while on the van.”

Listen bus driver, it is funny. Bodily functions are hi-lar-ious to the pre-pube set. If he'd hocked a loogy, spit it up in the air, and caught it, everyone would have doubled over as well. It's disgusting for adults (and squeamish kids) but still undeniably awesome to a group of 11-year-old boys. In fact, you probably just gave that Summers kid the rep he needed to stay on top of the pack. Well played, authority figure. Well played.

As for Christian Summers? He just bought himself a one-way ticket to popularity-ville. At least until he starts getting really interested in what the girls think.

Do you think kids should be given detention for farting?

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