Dollar Rings: Tooth Fairy Bling on the Cheap

I was determined, when my girl's teeth first started getting jiggly, that I wouldn't give in to tooth fairy inflation. I got a damn dime, she can get a damn dollar. I've heard about these 10-dollar parents. No thanks. Maybe if she loses a finger I'll drop a ten-spot.

But when the tooth dropped I found I was a little bummed to just be sliding a simple buck under the pillow, it felt too special for that. And I knew it wouldn't be a challenge to get a simple buck under the pillow of even my light sleeper.

So I thought I'd mix in a cheap little ring, but that seemed weak. Then I remembered I could make a ring out of the buck itself! My old man used to do it. It requires some origami skills, and a very crispy dollar, but I was even able to do it with my clumsy, fumbling hands.


Word of warning, though, Do not use a wrinkled bill like this kid does. Keep it crispy.

You can also make an elephant, a heart, and a bunch of other stuff, but the magic ring alone will immediately make you the world's greatest parent and make up for years of neglect. Though the imaginary lady with the wings will get all the credit.

A pair of side notes, and please give your thoughts in comments on both.

  • My dad said he knew of a guy who pulled out a hundred-dollar bill, then started a little proposal speech for his girlfriend as he folded, and had a little ring for her like the one above when it came time for the actual "Will you marry me?" When I was a kid I thought this was awesome, and I totally planned to do it on my future bride, but now I think I would get it thrown back at me (even though I still think it's sweet in a crafty way). What would you do if a man pulled this on you?
  • At some point I learned that the tooth fairy uses the teeth to build herself a castle -- which must be massive by now. I mentioned this to a parent who had never heard of such a thing, and they thought it was downright bizarre. Granted, a castle out made out of the teeth of human children does seem kind of creepy and macabre. Like something Hannibal Lecter or at least Skeletor would do. Did you learn this and are you passing it on to your kids?

What do you think of these ideas?

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