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rain boots child

Brooke Reynolds of the blog inchmark shares a lively rainy day tale today, as part of our "On This Fall Day" series.

Several bloggers are sharing a single fall day in photos + words here on The Stir over the next few weeks. Follow along with our series to catch small, beautiful glimpses of the fun autumn activities other families are taking part in around the country and beyond.


On this fall day, Brooke and her daughter spend some time outdoors in SoCal, where it's been particularly wet so far this autumn:

Three years ago, we moved our little family from Brooklyn to Southern California, and it's only in the fall (beautiful, crisp, chilly fall) that I question that choice. Fall in Southern California is a lot like the rest of the year, a nice 70 degrees, sunny and bright. And though I love that our kids can now play outside year round, every fall I feel a little twinge of envy for my East Coast friends.

But this year there is something chilly in the air, even in Southern California. It's been raining for about ten days straight, and we couldn't be happier. My daughter Bee is four, and she has a pair of red polka-dotted rain boots that I bought on sale several years ago. I didn't see much need for rain boots here, but Bee loves them, even if she only gets to wear them every once in a while. This week she's been jumping in the puddles in our backyard, dancing around as only a four-year-old can, looking at her reflection and seeing how high she can splash.

It's finally chilly enough to make some hot chocolate, wear a scarf, bake some bread, and pretend that it will stay this way forever. Fall, we love you so.

rain boots child girl

rain boots child girl

rain boots child girl

Oh, Brooke, Bee's glee in these photos reminds me how much fun puddle jumping is! A must-do activity this fall for sure.

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How are you and your kids celebrating the fall season?


Images via Brooke Reynolds

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